The Bell Tree World Championship Will Begin on May 18th 2024!

Which games are you interested in playing during The Bell Tree World Championship?

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How is it May already? Our 20th anniversary year feels as if it is flying by! We are just one week away from The Bell Tree World Championship 2024, our two-week gaming event scheduled to run from Saturday May 18th 2024 to Sunday June 2nd 2024. In this event, you will be assigned to one of four teams, and you will earn points for your team by participating in friendly and competitive matches across a variety of multiplayer Nintendo Switch games.

The games returning from The Bell Tree World Championship 2021 are Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Mario Kart 8: Deluxe, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. New Nintendo games joining the roster are ARMS, Mario Party Superstars, Splatoon 3, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, and Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Screenshot 2024-05-11 at 11.09.23.png


If you are unable to use your Nintendo Switch online, then we have two games you can play without spending a penny. This year we are adding two non-Nintendo IPs, Among Us and Jackbox Games, to the roster.

Screenshot 2024-05-11 at 10.50.45.png

The cross-platform game Among Us can be joined for free by downloading the mobile app from the App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android). Jackbox Games do not require a download and instructions for access will be detailed when the event goes live on May 18th.

In addition to this, there will be other ways to contribute points to your team that don't involve playing games at all. However, these methods of earning points will not be as efficient as participating in or spectating games.

How to Prepare for the TBTWC

To ensure that launch day goes as smoothly as possible, it would be of great help to us if you can complete a short list of tasks ahead of Saturday May 18th. Those tasks include:
  1. Voting in the above poll
  2. Opting in to the event
  3. Checking your time zone settings
  4. Linking your Discord and TBT accounts
  5. Adding the game hosts on Nintendo Switch

1. Vote in the above poll.
We would appreciate if everyone who intends to participate in the TBTWC 2024 could please take a minute to respond to the poll above so that we can get an idea of how many people are interested in each game. This will help us in planning the hosting schedule. If a game doesn't receive much interest it may be removed from the game roster entirely before we go live next week.

2. Opt in to the event.
To sign-up to participate in The Bell Tree World Championship 2024 please go to your Preferences and set the TBT World Championship field to "Opted In" and then press Save. All accounts that have opted in to the event will be randomly assigned to one of four teams when the event begins.

Screenshot 2024-05-11 at 18.14.46.png

3. Check your time zone settings.
While you are viewing your Preferences tab it would also be helpful for us if you could make sure that your time zone is set correctly. Due to this event being reliant on real-time interaction between members and TBT staff we will be referring to the time zones set in member profiles to ensure we are providing gaming sessions that run at a reasonable hour (weekday evenings and weekends) for as many participants as possible.

4. Link your Discord and TBT accounts.
Only members who have synced their Discord and TBT accounts will be able to post in the TBTWC channels in our Discord server. This means that without a synced account you won't be able to chat while playing the games or earn spectator points. This would understandably limit your earning potential.

To link your TBT account to Discord, go to the Connected Accounts page and click the Associate with Discord button.


If you have successfully linked your accounts, your nickname in our Discord server will appear in amethyst. Once you join our server you will also see a brand new #tbtwc-general channel where you can say hello to people ahead of the event starting!

Please refer to The Bell Tree Discord Chat Room: Beginners Guide if you need help with joining our Discord server and/or syncing your Discord account with your TBT account.

5. Add the game hosts on Nintendo Switch.
To save hosts from being barraged with friend requests right before an event, we have listed our Switch codes (Table 1) and the games we are tentatively going to host (Table 2) below so that you can add us in advance. Please note that the content in Table 2 has not yet been finalised and may change between now and May 18th.

Table 1: Game Host Switch Codes
Game HostSwitch Code
dizzy boneSW-1196-0508-9312

Table 2: Games and Corresponding Game Hosts (Tentative)
GameGame Host
Animal Crossing: New HorizonsMistreil, Nefarious, Pyoopi
Mario Kart 8: DeluxeChris, LaBelleFleur, Mistreil, Nefarious, pandapples, Pyoopi
Mario Party SuperstarsChris, Justin, LaBelleFleur, Mistreil, Nefarious
Splatoon 3dizzy bone, Mistreil, pandapples, Pyoopi
Super Mario Bros. WonderPyoopi
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate~Kilza~, Mistreil, Nefarious
Pokémon Scarlet & VioletChris, Pyoopi
Among UsLaBelleFleur, Mistreil
Jackbox GamesChris

Once you have carried out the above tasks then you are all set to participate in The Bell Tree World Championship come May 18th!

I'd like to participate, but I won't because I got school to deal with. In the meantime, I'm gonna root for y'all from a safe distance!
I opted in !! TBTWC was the first event that made me feel connected to and like a part of the community, and I made so many cherished friends and memories during it! I’m so happy to see this event return, I can’t wait to find out what team I’ll get to be a part of this time! Bellflowers forever 💜
No chance am I missing this! So excited and can’t wait to meet my team mates 💜 Blues Clues will forever be in my heart as I made a few forever friends. Opted in, let’s make this even better than the original tbtwc!!
I've opted in, and excited! Dunno what the game Arms is XD
A lil unsure if my timezone in peferences is correct, mine is British summer time GMT+1?
I’ve opted in. I don’t normally care about Among Us, but because it’s with people on this site, and it’s on my phone, I decided to pick that as one of my options. And I also picked MK8D even though I’m, uh, not good at Mario Kart. Anyway, this should be exciting.
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I've opted in, and excited! Dunno what the game Arms is XD
A lil unsure if my timezone in peferences is correct, mine is British summer time GMT+1?
Same as me so Dublin, Edinburgh, London etc?
ooooo I'm excited!! I was just thinking about ARMS the other day, I think I sold my copy but if it stays on the roster I might see if I can find a used one somewhere cause I've been wanting to play again!
Opted in 🥳

Here's hoping that a Mario Party session will align with my horrible schedule! 🤞 I also might consider buying Splatoon but I'll have to give some more thought on that one. I'm excited for Jackbox games as well!
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