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the bell tree court

Smart_Tech_Dragon_15 said:
Actually, the Admins had thought of this. I'm wondering why we haven't done anything with it, though.

thats my second time the admins thought of what I thought

:eek: I could be a good admin helper
I'll be a lawyer

i think our current administration does a great job on disciplinary action. no need for a court. it would only take longer to decide people's fates.
good idea though.
I would contribute as a laywer. I would have a few ranks or ability masks made for this. The accused, who is not allowed the pleasure of posting in other forums, and denied editing powers, the witnesses (Up to 3 per side) use a mask that allows only replying and reading in that forum, but keeps all others (Special one for sages). The 2 active laywers (The Admin or mod decidided to procedute decides who, unless a member was flamed or , in which case the member chooses. The defendent decides on his lawyer) Are allowed to access the board during the case. A thread is made in the board about the case, and the witnesses and lawyers and stuff listed, as well as a warn history of the defendent. It is discussed for 3 days, at the end of which 5 members (that have visited recently) are PMed that they are jury. If they do not reply within one day (Or say no), more members will be asked. They are allowed a special jury board (Topic created for them), and will debate for up to one day after 5 jury members are secured. They will then decide. Atleast 4/5 of them must agree on guilty or not-guilty. The punishment is decided by the procecuter (Mod or Admin). If it is felt too much (Punishments start with suspention, then moving to mod-aprroval (Parole), the jury can lower it (3/5 needed). The board is not for admins to post in, exept for making the topics (And a stickied one). When reporting, 4 of the jury must post in the visable thread of their decision so one doesn't decide it all with out discussing it with others. Once the dicision is made, it is carryed out, and the thread is closed. Lawyers should be able to be Prosecution only, or Defence only. I'm probly going to be procecution, if possable.

Well? :jay:
No, no, no, and no! If there is a court, then the only way the normal members would interact with the case is bring evidence of stuff, like a screen of a certain post.
yes thats wut he means no court unless u have a link saying that gives proof that the person did it
what is the point of a court? do our admins and mods not d oa good job? if there ever was a problem do people not come forth with evidence anyways?

if your answers are: i don't know, yes, and yes, then this proves my point that a jury/court here is not needed.