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Test video.

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Jun 19, 2005
Dragon Tokens
Hey, my mother miraculously bought a handheld video camera when we were down here (I forgot my camera), so I went out and shot some video at the beach. I then proceeded to edit it in Final Cut Pro, which was difficult, but it gave me a better project in the end. The resulting video is a short test.

Be warned, though; this is the kind of video David had a boner for. So you may not 'understand' its 'meaning', but it's just a test for myself to work with the new editing program and work with timing to music. Tell me what you think.


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coffeebean! said:
So you name it Ocean Breathes Salty and use Little Motel? Nice.

Pretty cool though.
Haha, yeah. I originally wanted to use the song Ocean Breathes Salty, so that's what I saved it as, but in the end, the mood didn't fit.
I didn't feel anything for it, don't get me wrong it's nice. Keep it up though.
so you were just dicking around with the camera, yeah?

would've been nicer if it was a little longer, and audio editing would be cool to mess around with if you haven't done that kinda thing before. never hurts to try, i guess/right?

i lol'd at the by fabio watermark/text at the end
Also, since I *censored.3.0*ed up the aspect ratio and *censored.2.0* last time, here is another quick test video, with the proper look. Really digging how this will make my future stuff look.
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