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TBT Sig of the Week Contest


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Jan 15, 2005
Astral Inner Planet Floating Gold #10
OK, the first week's theme is The Legend of Zelda! Here are the specs:

Size limit: 500x100 pixels
Entry limit: 2 (two different sigs, note edits are allowed as long as they are posted before the due date)
Theme: The Legend of Zelda
Animation: Optional

Post your entries here. The deadline for the first week's entries is Friday, October 14th (no school for me. ^__^) Since this contest just started and Friday is only two days off, you guys get almost a week extra time.


Oh, and no flaming, only compliments. All "constructive" criticizm needs to be PMed or posted elsewhere, not here, please.


you took away my contest idea


Anyways, I'll make a sig later... before the deadline.

Oh, btw what will the winner recieve?
JJRamone2 said:
I think you mean 500x100 the other way around would be relly tall
I mighta.


Oh, and Zero, check out the information thread for details on that.
My first sig:

My second sig: