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TBT Chat

Yep, basically, if you're going to chat, post it here. That way people will know you're going and people can actually be there at the same time. This will also keep the threads saying that people are going to chat from being made.
As usual, but in case you haven't noticed, I'm almsot at 2,600.
BAMBAM! said:
that when some one passes you in post you post like crazy to get back on top

Wow... It's you who posted like crazy...

*cough 150 posts in one day cough*
BAMBAM! said:
that is because it was Saturday, now lets look at you on Nsider...;)
OK, I've been there for a lot longer than you.

There Anything else you wanna look at? Maybe we should get those images from Live Chat up.

BAMBAM! said:
Oh my... Do you have Short-term memorty loss? I said getting the pictures from Live Chat, then you said you couldn't go there and i said "Oh, that's right".