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Think you know everything there is know about Animal Crossing: New Leaf? Can you recite even faster than everyone else? This is your chance to bid farewell by proving yourself to be New Leaf's #1 Fan in our Discord server's trivia event!

🎮 How To Play 🎮

To participate in Tantalizing Trivia, join our official TBT Discord Server at the scheduled times and navigate to the #acnl-trivia channel! Note that to participate, you must link your Discord account to TBT and sync your accounts, so that we can easily identify you. You will receive the purple-coloured TBTer role when your account is properly linked.

During this event, we'll be hosting two different sessions of Animal Crossing: New Leaf focused trivia questions. All questions will refer to New Leaf by default, unless otherwise stated. We expect each session to require about 20 minutes of your time.

Once the session properly begins about 5 minutes after the scheduled time, a Discord bot will start to post trivia questions. Each question will have an assortment of multiple-choice buttons underneath that you can click or tap to select your desired answer. After a very short timer, usually between 8 to 12 seconds, the question will close to answers and the correct answer will be revealed. Importantly, your score will be impacted by how quickly you select an answer. Between each question, there will be a pause for everyone to discuss the answer and boast or cry about their results.

If this is all confusing to you, don't worry -- the first question of the session will act as a introduction with an extremely long timer and obvious answer that awards very few points! This will allow you to test out how to play before the real fun begins.

Please note that this is an experimental new format we are trying that is very different to past editions of this event. If we encounter problems during the first session, we may revert to the original format for the second session, which has different rules.

🎮 Schedule 🎮

There will be two sessions of Tantalizing Trivia hosted during Farewell to New Leaf that are currently scheduled for:
We have considered time zones when selecting these sessions in an attempt to be friendly to all users, but recognize some will still be unable to attend. I'm sorry to anyone who will miss out!

🎮 Prizes 🎮

First Place: 30 MEOW Coupons + 30 Bells +
Complete ACNL House Letter Set (Choice of Yellow の or Purple の)

Second Place: 25 MEOW Coupons + 25 Bells
Third Place: 20 MEOW Coupons + 20 Bells
Participation: 10 MEOW Coupons + 10 Bells
This can be earned for both sessions.

Participation is defined as answering at least one question correctly within the timer, excluding the first test question. You do not need to be the first to answer.

Winner results for the first session can be found here.

🎮 Rules & Guidelines 🎮

  • A link between your Discord and TBT accounts is required to access the proper trivia channel in Discord. If you have the purple-colored TBTer role, then you are good to go!
  • Each session will begin about 5 minutes after the advertised time and have been designed to last approximately 25 or so minutes from then.
  • Please remain respectful, appropriate, and do not spam the chat. We will be happy to kick or ban you for the duration of the event if we warn you to stop and you continue.
  • Each question will award points to all participants who select the correct answer within the time limit, with the amount of points depending on your speed.
  • The bot will post a scoreboard at the end, however final winners are always subject to change if any errors are made or auditing is required. The official winners will be posted in this thread when confirmed.
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Ohh this sounds like fun, not sure how well I'll do ehehe but I'll definitely try to make it to both sessions!
Excited to test my knowledge and also test out this new reaction format to trivia! Both time slots seem fairly doable for UK which is great 😃
Thank you for considering other time zones! Midnight is at least doable. Looking forword to it!
Okay, now I really wish I had Discord. I want to participate in this so bad.
Oh god Im so out of practice with New Leaf... brb gotta go revise
good luck to everyone participating! wish i could join but the sessions are happening when im sleeping or busy LOL.
I don't think I'll be good at New Leaf trivia, but I'll participate and try my best~
Yay, I should be able to join this weekend! Now just to catch up on all things new leaf… Opening my game for this event I noticed I already forgot so much, so not too sure how well I’ll do!
Not having played the game (I've played the game cube ac, city folk, pocket camp and now nh, but somehow skipped right over new leaf!), I might try to study up so I can try to at least earn some participation MEOW coupons.... should be fun!

Or I will fail and feel really stupid, but still have fun in the process...
I had forgotten about daylight saving time this night, don't forget to adjust your clocks
I think I'll set my alarm for this lol. It may be 4:30AM right now but the participation MEOW coupons are calling my name. 😔
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