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Silly Bandz the Video Game

The little animal bandz must save their silly bandz friends from the evil silly bandz.
O.O wa- lol collect and trade your silly bandz online!and battle!(shows a pig silly band beat up a truck silly band) XD
Oh wow... What has the world come to? First coldstone gets a videogame and now silly bandz? That's so stupid >.<
Coelacanth said:
Tom said:
Oh dear lord.

I'm not even going to click the ]Close, but it's for the DS
I was in the Ballpark.

@Silent: At least with Coldstone it'd be more exciting. Scooping ice cream and getting *****ed at by customers, what's not to love?
Screw Silly Bandz, if you check at the lower right corner, DORA THE *censored.3.0*ING EXPLORER HAS A COOKING CLUB.
Tom said:
-Jack- said:
Psychonaut said:
-Jack- said:
Silly Bandz: The Game: The Movie: The Novel
get with the times. the game is based off of the novel, which is based off of the movie.
Hang on, wasn't it originally a play?
Wasn't that play based off a true story?
the true story was a fan-made reenactment of the goings-on in the book, so it and the play technically fall under the novel, in that line.
I'll just install it to my R4 and see how much of a horrible game it is.