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Rover or Kapp'n

: D

there's something about that turtle thats awsome...


plus that bobble head on his dashboard... i want one

Kapp'n. I know it has nothing to do with why we're voting, but his "salty sea songs" in the original were quite amusing.

I like Kappn more, Rover is barely part of the game, one time thing, but Kappn you can see him multiple times, so that's kinda why.
Kappn all the fun way. The first time I ever saw Rover, I thought he was awesome...but after I started going to my cousins town and started seeing the ugly moron every single day, lol, I started to hate him. I havent ever even seen Kappn (besides in screenshots) but I still think he's better.
kapp'n, cuz me and rover didn't get off on the right foot, and rover never was to funny, besides he laughed at my name, but kapp'n helped me bury treasure on my island, about 500k in bells are probably still buried somwhere on my island, but I forgot where.
Kapp'n is obviously better because he is a pirate. Savvy?

Kapp'n all the way. When on Animal Crossing (GCN) I always hopped on his dingy of a boat, and sailed to my little island. Going to my second house, and visiting the naitive animal. Kapp'n is a pirate anyway! He's funny anyway with his words.
In the giude it said Kappn was a parrot, NO NO NO NO, go Kappa's(japanese demons that live under bridges and dont let you pass) KAPPN ALL THE WAY!