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my Internet speed today 🔥
(It’s crazy how a dumb AI song on YouTube got me thinking about this…wow.)

I remember watching The Crocodile Hunter as a kid. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I remember when Bindi was born, I remember seeing all these crocodiles…! It was probably the first nature show I watched without talking animals lol. Beautifully done. R.I.P. Steve Irwin.
Making pixel art of scenery is way harder to make than characters. Low resolution stuff is especially hard since it’s so hard to make any detail.
I finally found a raging bolt but it’s level 100 and from someone named shinyden 😬 (i think there is a website called that so I am just assuming they’re associated with it; I wanted one that was still level 75. i hope i can find a legit one and walking wake.

I wish there was a skip animation, speed up battle option in Violet for the tera battles and/or that it was turn based rather than real time. it takes so long with and without lag. i like the raids but it is frustrating i’ll be in the middle of picking a battle option or i picked one but then the boss does something like “nullifies all abilities” or someone terastallizes and then i have to select it again.
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Is there any way I can resize an image WITHOUT aspect ratio on ibis Paint X? I've been messing with it for over 15 minutes (no exaggeration) and looked on Google, and I cannot figure it out. I'm referring to the image itself, and not the canvas. Is it even possible, or do I need a different app?
Hey do you still need help with this? I use to resize my images. I hope that helps and please let me know if I misunderstood the question.
Actually learning English really radicalized me. Why did we have to learn "brother and sister" as a word as if sibling doesn't exist. Why did another teacher think "tween" stood for "twenty". That's not even the same amount of e's, why did I learn more online by myself without trying. Not to hate on teachers, but the education system is so flawed.
Going to restaurants has always felt to me more of a social experience over a food one. Especially when you wait a long time. There could be an hour of you and whoever else.

That said - the people I'm with and how they behave can make or break it for me. I've voiced this before, but getting mad at the waiter or waitress for something trivial, is a no.
I just can't do Breath of the Wild. I put many hours into it. (Over 60+). So I gave it a fair chance. Same thing happened with Elden Ring.

Open world games burn me out and I almost never finish them.

I get that it's been a trendy genre. But I guess my brain isn't wired for it. I like having games that are structured or follow some sort of narrative.

It's somewhat caused a decline of interest in video games for me. With so many big franchises jumping on the bandwagon.

Not to say there aren't open world games that I haven't enjoyed. Because there absolutely have been. But it's few and far between.
Ever since the film was announced, I have been absolutely convinced that If is a ripoff of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends...

I'm even more convinced than ever now that I found out that the furry purple creature is named, "Blue", I kid you not.
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends had a similarly-named imaginary friend, named, "Bloo", who is a blue-colored cylinder dome.
It would be nice if my job could pay me. I haven’t been paid yet, even though I got paid last Wednesday at like, 7AM via direct deposit. It’s making me wonder if this place is holding my check, because I left a little early (like, by 10 minutes). I’m not all that invested in this job due to the short days and I’ve lost all motivation there, hence the early leaving.

My next shift is a whole 45 minutes. I never thought a shift at work could be described in minutes, but I suppose it can be.

I’ve been waiting all day for my check to drop, and it hasn’t.

I currently have two jobs. By next week, I will have one. I can’t take this place seriously anymore.
Generational measuring contests are annoying and tiring. I know it's as old as time. But geez.

Not here, but on another forum I hangout on. Every now and then one of the oldest members (it's usually them, doesn't matter which. Usually coming from 35+ year olds) always have start comparing themselves to younger generations.
We were all weirder and ruder when we were teenagers.

Not me. Shrek 1 should’ve been the last.
I get that, but I LOVE Shrek 2…probably about the same amount as the original. The lore with the Fairy Godmother, meeting Fiona’s parents, when Shrek became human…it added more to Fiona’s story and I have fond memories of that movie. The third one was OK, but I never finished the fourth one. I’m still curious as to which direction Shrek 5 will take.

Also, the Puss in Boots movies are surprisingly good.