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  • Thanks for the flowers and the orange ones! I'll come over as soon as you're ready to drop the orange ones off, then I'll send you a little TBT tip :)
    Just so you know orange windflowers are actually a base colour and are technically the yellow version of this flower, so feel free to keep your orange cosmos if you want. Dodo code is JY290
    Alrighty that's cool :)
    Give me one sec and I'll set up a little trading area for us. I'll give you a code in a few mins!
    If seedbags are okay, I`m ready to go, I have all basic colors now, white, red and yellow, I got you 10 seeds of each. I can give you two orange cosmos in exchange for those 2 orange windflowers. Send me a dodo code. You can best friend me and just let me shovel up those two flowers there. :)
    Yeah cosmos and I have red/white windflowers. What cosmos do you have?

    I could dig up some orange windflowers and drop them off at your island, shop for the cosmos, then you could dig up whatever cosmos are not being sold in your shop then come buy some windflowers at mine? How does that sound?
    Alright thanks. We can visit maybe in the next two days so we can both get red/yellow/white of each flower? That would be cool. I'll message tomorrow so let me know when you're ready to trade
    Hi, figured it may be best to VM you since I keep losing the thread. My Nook's has JUST closed lol, I'm so sorry about that. If you don't mind we could do the trade tomorrow? If that's OK.
    I don't have more seeds and it won't let me give you flowers. If I go to you I can bring them like you brought to me.
    MK8 Races #2 start in around 20 minutes!
    See you havent been online, but I just wanna let you know just incase.

    I even sent ya a friend request on me wii so if you magically show up out of nowhere, just post in the thread and hopefully it isn't too late. Thanks!
    Just shooting everyone who is signed up for Mario Kart All Cup Tour #2 a reminder that we will be starting our races at 4pm PST today.

    Make sure to have my NNID added: SAUCExBOSS
    If you are unable to add me, my friends list is probably fully, but I will be cleaning it out an hour prior to racing so you'll be able to add after.

    I would also appreciate if you would turn on voice chat so we could make course selection clear, since we are going through a certain set of courses in a certain fashion. Also, you'll be able to hear my sexy voice, so it's a win for you. But you don't jav to, just makes things easier.


    If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the main thread here:

    Thank you for reading, and I hope you're ready to eat my dust tonight!
    Yeah, we sat in one of the corners so unless it's was one of their heavier songs it had really bad sound at times. But yeah it was really nice to see so I don't regret it at all :)

    The crowd here was pretty crazy at least some parts of it from what I can remember but it was still really cool to see the performances :D
    Hiya :D Just wanted to let you know that AC/DC concert was a blast. I think the venue was wrong for it though, they deserved way better sound but I guess they are that "large arena" band. Always nice to see great bands live though :)
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