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Content creators and celebrities doing bad things gets exhausting. It's way too frequent. So many of them have dream jobs and wealth. Community, love, and fame. Then go and ruin everything by being gross and getting into relationships with a minor.

I'm sure there are good ones out there. But I've lost count of how many times I've woken up to the same news over and over. If this is what 'cancel culture' is part of - then by all means go ahead. I'm not asking to form a parasocial relationship, but it would be nice to be able to trust who I'm watching.

It especially stings when it's someone you followed from childhood.
absolutely love this thumbnail hahaha

It's not easy being the black sheep. When you're the only autistic person surrounded by neurotypicals in your area, you face a long, hard battle between your individuality and the societal pressures everyone else places on you.

I believe this is one of the reasons why my first two years of high school (especially sophomore year) weren't great in terms of how I felt. I let the pressures get the best of me, and in the end I came out like a mess. And this was during a time when I didn't know anyone beyond the social workers to talk to about my personal issues, so I had to face it all myself.

Even though I'm still not too excited for junior year next month, I'm starting to feel a little better about myself; now I know my limitations as an autistic person and how to accommodate to them instead of pushing myself beyond them. I also have the forums by my side. @Croconaw I read your response to Yoshi155 in "What's Bothering You?" a few days ago and it lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. Thank you for inspiring me as well, I appreciate it. And @ZeldaCrossing64 you don't know how many years I've spent searching for someone who loves me for who I am. Lots of people want me to be like them, but they don't understand that autistic people perceive things differently, and that can't be changed. Thank you so much for being the person I needed. I know we became friends when my school year was ending, so I hope we can stick together moving forward. I love you, honey 💜

This year onwards, I'll focus my energy on my studies instead of my nonexistent social life. It won't be easy, but I'm sure I know what I'm doing. :)
wth is a shock of hair and “weeds”? I especially hate the popular media references ugh i don’t pay much attention to it so i’m often out of the loop
I weigh 148 LBS. According to my doctors appointment this morning.

Which is fair enough. I've never been a large dude or anything. I wouldn't mind being in the 150-160 range tho
I saw my brother wear my Slayer shirt, and I called him out on it. He tells me that it was only fair after I've been wearing his (and my dad's) band shirts multiple times... You know what, I can't even argue with that. It's a completely valid point. (Still want my shirt back, though.)
Whenever I write, I struggle at times to get words on my file. But then there are times when I am in the zone, and I fly through words quickly. It's a strange duality.
I've been thinking about it, and I noticed some parallels between the character development of Riley and Kieran from the Pokémon ScarVio DLC.

They're both envious of this one person who seems better than them, so they do anything they can to get on their level, even if it means distancing themselves from the people they're close to. It all comes to a head when their new attitude puts everyone at risk, and then they come to realize that they don't have to change so they can have a better future.

Now that I think about it, this makes me love the movie even more. I might even consider it one of my all-time favorite films, up there with The Spongebob Squarepants Movie and Sumikko Gurashi the Movie: The Unexpected Picture Book and the Secret Child.
My sister and her fiance visited today.

I got into a very long discussion with him about Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.

He actually gave me a new perspective on Lord of the Rings.

My sister planned to only stop by briefly, but we prolonged that by over an hour.