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Petetion for editing at an lower rank!

Propaganda Man

Senior Member
Feb 27, 2005
Alot of poeple have agreed (even Pikmin and I :eek:) that editing should be given at a lower rank, instead of 2,752 posts, which only 2 poeple have gotten that many posts! And this forum is half a year old! Alot of poeple need editing, for Rps and such, and other threads too! So sign here if you want editing at a lower rank!

If this is not allowed PM me telling why.
sorry onyl 1 person has enough posts to edit if they were a normal member, but they aren't they are an admin and they have more board to post on....
Well you all are worryign for nothing becasue we have already decided to change this. Infact we are making whole new ranks and getting rid of the current one (again...), so you'll ahve ot wait till than.... could be a while....