Patterns on the back of Villagers heads???


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Dec 13, 2014
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Has anyone noticed how certain villagers have a little design or pattern on the back of their head? This is noteworthy as the back of their heads are not shown on any official website, so the only way to truly know, is seeing these villagers in the game. For example:

Most of us are aware of Fauna's dotted pattern:

Or Lolly's striped pattern:

But did you know Mira had a star??

It's so interesting because the only way to see this is to physically see them in the game. I didn't know about Mira's star until she showed up in my New Leaf town!

What about you??? Do you know of any villagers who have a cool design or pattern on the back of their heads? POST PICS BELOW!!
I’ve seen people mention that Hopkins has something weird on the back of his head, and there’s some debate on what it is. The most popular theory is that he’s an inflatable pool toy. (pic not mine)
I thought I knew pretty much everything about villager designs, but I learned the other day that Marina has a bow on the back of her head! That really surprised me. I can't quite imagine how it works--she seems too slippery. What is the bow clipped to? (I realize that is Not The Point but I can't help thinking of it when I see her.)

I tend to like the patterns that are things like fur stripes more than the ones that are ostensibly 3-D objects. Since the models are 2-D, I never think those work as well.