Parade : o Dog Show : o

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Feb 6, 2005
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so, like yeah, who watched it?


i think my favorite float was.... pikachu.... yeah, totally pikachu.

so yeah, did you watch it, get up clear the heck at 9 AM...

i know i did, and i was up til 2 last night...


anyway, yeah, discuss that, turkey's and the dogshow. (woot :p)
beagles are awsome.
It was on at 10:00 here! I saw both! (When on TBT) I locked Pomeranians! I saw the Falcons beat Lions!

yeah, i didn't see the whole dog show... but i saw a good amount of the beginning of it...


like, the first thing... with the dogs... >_>
Yah, I waatched both parade and dog show. (prt of them atleast) And then I watched part of that old movie that was after.
But did you hear about how one of the judges caught that pug on the lip with her nails?

:eek: That's what the owner said atleast...
Dark-Pikachu-0 said:
I didn't see the whole parade... the dog show will be aired this saturday in my country! Pikachu float? Coooooooooooooool.

its been there like every year for 6 years...
Nintendo needs to get more floats than Pikachu. >.> The day I see Tom Nook I will be very happy (and worried).

yeah, they play music with it... what would they play with him... K.K. Singing...


they should do a mario, or zelda one... with a float behind it.

PikMino42 said:
What dog show are you talking about?
were there more than 1 o_O

uhh, the Purina one... where everything including the commercials and jokes have something to do with dogs...

i think we should have a Fish show >_>

fish are becoming big pets around places... vets are even starting to treat them... (i guess nova DOES teach you something :p)
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