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Nintendo Shaun in AIM


Retired Staff
Dec 19, 2004
He will tell you something about warning and stuff. Ignore him. Then he will give you something that has to do with AIM,DO NOT ACCEPT IT. If you do he will hack your AIM.
It happened to me, but he is gone now I believe. Just don't allow him to get in. He is a hacker. For more info check out this topic.
[quote="] I've been victim to NOA_SHAUN on Zero's account. It wasn't very nice... <_< [/quote]
what happend?
Yeah I find that a little weird...
It is someone by the name of Nintendo Shaun or is it NOA Shaun?
im the person who got Xtasy (the guy that was all hacking u guys)

in a attempt to get my friend (panaramicpenguin)'s acc back

he never got his acc back

o well

i got Xtasy banned