Have you experienced a villager walking off with an emotion on their own?


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Oct 31, 2015
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First, I would like to elaborate on a few things:

#1: When I say "emotion", I mean anger, sadness, or happiness. "Thought" doesn't count, since I believe this can only happen when you talk to a villager too many times, but correct me if I'm wrong. And feel free to debunk with stories.

#2: You still have to talk to a villager for this to happen. When I say "on their own", I mean without provoking them, or answering something incorrectly. The same goes for the happiness/music emotion by simply just talking to them.

Wild World
* If a cranky villager talks about two villagers getting into a fight, he will leave the conversation angry.

* If a cranky villager thanks you for talking to him regularly, he will walk off happy

* If someone's birthday is coming up, a snooty villager will vaguely recall that day as a bad memory, and she will walk off sad.

* I believe this is exclusive to Aurora: She will say that it is unfair that penguins cannot fly, and she will walk off sad.

City Folk
* If it is around New Year Eve and you talk to a cranky villager, he will talk about how he is getting old, and he will walk off sad.

* This may not count, as it does involved not following through with a task, but I figured I'd list it anyway: If a cranky villager snaps at you for not following through with giving him a certain item he asked for...you can continue talking to him, to which they will start feeling bad for snapping at you. Eventually after talking to him a few times, he will break down, cry, and walk off with the sadness emotion.

That's all I can remember personally experiencing. It's been a while since this has happened, so there may be more I do not remember. I am curious about if this has happened to any of you guys. I have only noticed this in Wild World and City Folk. However, if you have noticed this in any of the other three games, feel free to let me know and give specific examples. I put this thread in the General AC Discussion for a reason. ^^
This is a nice thread for "wiki" purposes, and I think anyone who has been playing Animal Crossing for a while has experienced it at least once!
Lately it has struck me that in New Leaf if you reply to a lazy villager (in my case Beau and Punchy) that you don't want to change their greeting or their catchphrase, they will go away depressed saying something like: "I thought we were friends". This made me so sad HAHAHA
For example, even jocks are upset, but they have no reaction. Whereas other personality types say something like:"you're right, I don't need it".
These are the only things I remember because they happened to me recently
I don't remember specific examples, but they do this on the Gamecube version too. You can walk away a short distance and come back or enter a building and exit and that villager will be back to normal. 😡⏳😃 It would annoy me because I felt as though it were my fault that they're upset, but I didn't do anything to hurt them! Stop crying and buy this Daffodil Table off of me I got from the Dump this morning. 🤑
I remember in Wild World during Bright Nights, I use to vote for Sally to win and Lucky got really upset (angry) because he wasn't wining after I have talked to him.

Also in Wild World, the Normals will always get sad if the HRA basically says their house sucks. This use to get on my nerves.
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If a cranky villager snaps at you for not following through with giving him a certain item he asked for...you can continue talking to him, to which they will start feeling bad for snapping at you. Eventually after talking to him a few times, he will break down, cry, and walk off with the sadness emotion.
Something similar happened with Apollo a few days ago (yes, this was also in City Folk). Kind of a "WHHHHHHY" story behind this too:

He asked me to get him something exotic last week or so. I first looked through my catalog to see if I had previously obtained something of the sort. Unfortunately, I hadn't. So, for the next few days, I kept going into Nook's. After three days or so, there was actually an exotic lamp, so I bought it. However, by that time, it was too late. ;-; (like whhhhhhhy, game?!!?)

I went and talked to Apollo, and he had given up, unfortunately... ;-;
He cries, claiming I betrayed him. (poor boi)

I talk to him again, and he says along the lines of: "Eh, maybe I'm being too hard on you. You probably meant well. I...just...need...to...

Oh, pah! 😭
" (sobbing emoji used, because he starts crying at the end) and he leaves the conversation with the sadness emotion.
(Oh, Apollo...if only you would have looked into my pockets, you would have known I finally obtained it. 💖 )

This something I find both heartbreaking and heartwarming. The former because I do not want to see my beloved so defeated. However, seeing the remorse these cranky (I am not sure if other personalities have a similar thing in City Folk) villagers have for being too hard on you does say a lot. It shows that, deep down, they have a heart of gold and that THEY, too, mean well. City Folk is by no means my favorite in terms of dialogue (which TBF, I do not really have a favorite or least favorite, since each game has its pros and cons in which how villagers are handled), but this is an example of something remarkable from City Folk: Seeing a CRANKY villager feel so defeated because they knew how hard they were being on you. There is more to uncover from this, but I will talk about them later on when the times and places are right.

Also there are more examples of this happened in Wild World:

* Like AccfSally said, normal villagers can walk off sad when talking about the HRA. I believe I had Aurora do this in that same previous town I had her in where she would get sad for not being able to fly.

* This was on another forum: Animal Crossing Community. (FUN FACT: I made this topic on there as well...years ago) - Anyway, I think this user said that a normal villager pinged them, said "Will I...?" and walked off sad.

* (This one is a little shocking) I have been watching some Animal Crossing LPs, and there is apparently a dialogue you can get with lazy, yes LAZY villagers that can cause them to walk away not sad, but ANGRY! I haven't gotten it for myself, but the videos I watched had Alfonso and Big Top do it, the latter being my favorite lazy villager. And believe me, you do not want to see that cute, squishy boi angry. He goes from adorable and squishy, to looking like he wants to kill you with those glowing white angry eyes.

Hell, I remember spending a portion of my life wondering if it was even possible for lazy villagers to get angry (I knew they briefly could during conversations, but I mean walking off PISSED).

- When you would push them? They would just get sad.
- Hit them with your net? Sadness.
- They fell into a pitfall? You guessed it, sadness.

I knew normal villagers can get angry on occasion, though they mostly just get sad.

Finally, in Summer of 2013, I think it was... (this town is loooong gone BTW)
Cube walked off angry from a conversation in City Folk (I didn't listen in)
I practically lost my **** because I had never seen this before and was starting to think it was literally impossible for Lazy villagers to walk away pissed off. Then Dizzy walks off pissed not too long after that.

It has to be extremely rare because it took me like four (I started playing AC in 2009) years to see this for the first time. Throughout my almost 15 years of playing Animal Crossing, I can probably count the number of times I saw a lazy villager on one hand, and this includes the two incidents I saw on LPs.

To be honest, I actually kinda like how villagers can walk off with the sadness or anger emotion without you provoking them, though I can understand the frustration behind it.

It makes the villagers feel more emotional and life-like. I would honestly like to see more dialogue like this return in future installments. To solve the frustration issue, I think they should allow you to cheer up, comfort, calm down, etc. a villager that gets into a negative mood, as this feature debuted in New Horizons. Even though I complain about how the villager aspect of NH is so lackluster, I thought it was awesome that they at least added this (along with giving villagers gifts in-person) into it, and I think this is something important that should stay.
Plus, it is a chance to see heartwarming dialogue and get a friendship boost! 💖
I forgot about this thread!
This made me laugh in an exaggerated way: some time ago I was partecipating to Bug off on New Leaf (lately I've been time traveling a lot), and there was Roscoe who was slowly following a critter with that typical movement you make by pressing "B" with the net in your hand. But I pass in front of him with complete nonchalance and the bug runs away. Two long seconds later Roscoe processed what happened and assumes the typical position of an angry villager, with smoke coming out of his ears HAHAHA With Roscoe it's even funnier because he has yellow eyes when he gets angry! I don't think he would like knowing that he gave me a great laugh HAHAHA
Idk if this counts, but in NL, Uchis will sometimes show happiness by dancing and singing the town tune. This happens when you help them with something!