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Nintendo DS 4 Xmas

Well you... or "Santa" (wait how old are you). anyways... the DS is impossible to get in ordinary stores untill '05. So Im gonna buy one off of eBay.
It's people like you that force Santa to use a jet turbine to fly his sleigh. Where's your Christmas spirit? Savvy?

Edit: Can't forget the Savvy!

There's tons of DS's around where I live. No shortages at all. I do NOT live in the boonies either.

Same here, but I don't really live near a big city.
It just depends where you live. if you live in a small white redneck mountain town then there will be alot. If you live in a big nonracist city town then there won't be many available.
Thats not fair! But all the stores are out! Are you sure....
Nevermind, I went to the store and they are all sold out now, along with PS2 and XBox. There are only 3 GameCubes left too.