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Nintendo Club Forums.


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May 1, 2005
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Site Name: Nintendo Club Forums
Site Purpose: To discuss all console games!
Site provider: This forum is provided by Invision Power Board, which is the same thing as InvisionFree (like this forum), only we have more options, and we need to host it ourselves.

Forum Leaders: This forum is lead by some really responsible NSiders; these NSiders are:

MORPHA613 (Raymond at NinClub)
*SPIRIT* (*SPIRIT* at NinClub)
CHU (Chu at NinClub)
NOCTURNE-OF-SHADOW (Japego at NinClub)
LUIGI37 (Luigi37 at NinClub) (Was a past Sage at NSider)
Meltover (Sorry, I can't find their NSider Profile at the time being!)

This forum was once 2 seperate forums. One was called NinClub, and one was called Video Game Parlor. Video Game Parlor, at first, was the Animal Crossing Pals Club, the first Animal Crossing Forum on Invisionfree that was part of NSider.

A site is on the way for this forum. Over 250 members and over 5,000 posts! (VGP had 30,000 posts before it was closed down)

Currently, we are giving away a free copy of Polerium for the Nintendo DS. Go to the rules section for more info when you register.

Thanks everyone! Hope you register!


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