Navigating Thread Pages Causes Server Error

It's never happened to me before until this morning. I tried to upload a ACNH screenshot and got an error message too.

I think I know why this is happening, Buck has managed to crash the site with all.of his adoring fans. 😊
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I may not be able to see this post most likely once I post it, but I just wanted to say...

I think the forum is cursed now.




lol, just kidding.
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I can't view some threads at all now. Seems to have become a regular occurrence. I'm also currently not receiving any notifications, but I'm less annoyed by that.

So I can't quote posts at the moment because of the issue, but I saw on an Incognito window some concerns about malicious software being the culprit. As I am not an administrator I can't give you a definitive answer, obviously. But speaking from some experience, that is very unlikely to be the source of the problem. It is more likely an internal coding or MySQL error, which is frustrating but not malicious. So you probably needn't worry about that.
Argh now I’m getting an error message when trying to open pms ;-;
It is extremely unlikely that this is anything exciting (like space viruses or deep sea hackers) and it's likely some more technical issue. Considering time zones I expect Jeremy to be asleep right now; I'm sorry for the inconvenience! We'll have it fixed as soon as we can.

time to change your user title to lying wild child 🤣
Sure, done 😄
sometimes, I’ll get errors if I try to like someone’s comment, not always though.
I'm experiencing this issue again, which kinda sucks because I have a DM I want to read and I can't read it because it straight up takes me to an error page 🙃
Yeah I've been having this since last night but I figured I needed to open a new page and just didn't cuz I was ready to sleep. I see now that it was a bit more than that going on.
We're back now. It took a little longer to come back online this time because I spent some time evaluating things before fixing it. Thanks for waiting!
Things work more often than they go wrong. You do a fantastic service running this forum with staff for us! Thank you, Jeremy!