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Navigating Thread Pages Causes Server Error

Does anyone else find the site to be loading a tad slowly? I've tried it on a few browsers, including Chrome (on desktop) and FireFox (on mobile), and on some browsers, I can't even get images to load.
welp, it's back. It was nice not dealing with it while it lasted!

e: Something I noticed this time that I don't think anybody else mentioned is that the current activity also gets wiped out, and if you look at the Current Visitors page, everybody just shows up as "viewing unknown page".

(had that typed up while waiting for the forums to come back up, but it seems like the problem might actually be fixed according to Jeremy below so...hopefully it's now irrelevant?)
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Do you think it’s time to switch servers for this site again? I hope you don’t have to make a new site for all of us to emigrate to.
We're back! That one was actually purposely caused by me. Just wanted to test something to verify the cause from earlier. I guess that verifies it!
OK sounds good. It’s working good again. ^_^
i was on earlier today and thought the error was maybe my end cause it kept saying something about my browser 😵 glad to see it was all resolved okay!
It's back again. It's not letting me post (in certain threads).

Sorry to bump this but the about pages for users are giving errors and the birthday list is missing again. I haven't noticed anything else yet.