my holiday ideas!


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Nov 5, 2005
here they are!

3rd week in each month:
garage sale! sell stuff to make money!

early winter:
holiday shopping!
buy an item for someone special!

winter end:
pattern contest!
make designs and invite your friends to vote on the best one!
maybe give out prizes!

early spring:
garage sale!
make some money and start the year off right!

spring end:
sports fair!
make up some sports and play them!
have fun or give out prizes!

mid summer:
flower arrangement!
make a flower pattern on the ground to spruce up your town!

summer end:
bug off!
come up with a scoring system and give out prizes!

mid fall:
mask week!
make a costume and go door to door for items!
have a costume contest!

fall end:
fish off!
come up with a scoring system and give out prizes!

and then it starts over again!
i hope you have fun with your AC friends!

------Bekola from Hardrock
yeah, i know...
but i still think itd be more fun to play against humans thAan comupters with an
I.Q. of 75 that STILL always wins, ya know?
ay' pikmin!
last time i saw you is on the nsider board MONTHS ago!
how ya been?

you stil doin' the ACDSPD?
animal crossing DS player directory?
Bear said:
Those are good ideas. The garage sale sounds cool. But I'm not selling my fishing bear!
You mean the fishing bear you've allready gotten in a game sceduled for next week?

EDIT: And to Beak... :eek:fftopic:

You should see a thread at NSider by me where NSider's submit holidays for AC:WW. It was pretty big, until I got too lazy to update it.

:p Speaking of which...

*burns all evidence of laziness*
I'm going to make my own Bug Off holidays. Every Saturday, 12:00PM till 3:00PM. Weekly. Some Saturdays I might be at my gran's, though.