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Mario Party 6


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Nov 7, 2004
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I was suprised with the mic-mode. It makes the Mario Party series more exciting. How do you like it?
Yah it is cool. You should though be able to use it on other games. Like on Windwaker, you could use it to give commands to the object yur controlling.
I just hope that the voice recognition is better than it was in Hey You Pikachu! (I think that's what that game is called. I can't remember) .
Well each game has its own words. So it reconize them pretty good.

Only thing is that theres this fruit mini-game where you say the name of a fruit and the other players have to go on that fruit... well you can say "Grape fruit" (for example) , since there is none in the game the other players would have to go to Grape... but to everyone the closest thing is the melon... giving the mic player an advantage... well thats cheating.

I was suprised with the mic-mode. It makes the Mario Party series more exciting. How do you like it?
I haven't played it yet. Bit from everyone who has played it, they say that the mic mode is one of the best parts to Mario Party 6.
I think the Mic is cool.Although I feel tempted to destroy THE DISC WHEN IT SAYS IT CANT UNDERSTAND WHAT I SAY!
i liked the old ones, but now they seem repetitive. the new mic-mode was good, but not enough. i tihnk they should limit it to one mario party per each new system. i mean, there have been 3 on N64 and 3 on gamecube. i think thats a bit to many.
My blockbuster doesn't give out the game with a mic! i'll have to buy it... is it 50 like other games?
Yeah, mic mode is pretty good. I go there and play star sprint when I just need a few more stars to buy what I want, and I played Speak Up with three friends once, and it was great. We all had loads of fun.

I'm not sure why all of you guys are having trouble with the mic. It almost always understands what I'm saying. But I'm sure everyone agrees, the voice recognization in MP6 is one heck of a lot better than it was in Hey You, Pikachu!! Sometimes, I had to repeat something to Pikachu numerous times before he did what I wanted. And shopping was really hard. There would be something I want, Pikachu picks up something, I say "No!", but Pikachu doesn't care/understand, he gets it anyway.