Make your own song contest!


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Jun 14, 2005
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You may notice that I made a song in my sig, and I thought to myself how cool it would be for everyone to do it! So here is a contwest where you make lryics for part of a song!


Try writing about somthing close to you, so it means more from you, and is eaier to write
Try to make it catchy rymes, and just words that make your heart sing!

You can enter as many as you like!
No spamming here
no Flaming
The Prize will be 100-200 bells, it matters how many I have by the end of this week...

This end Sunday!
Do we post it/them here or PM you it/them??
mine contains content that may not be suitable for tbt...should I post it?
That's kinda creepy coming from a ten-year-old. >__<
Heres mine:

I came from Ireland!
On a steamy ship!

I journeyed to Bingumton,
ensearch of the pirates gold.

I attempted many times,
But I never found the mines
and so I rested for years.

Several years later!
I was talkin to a waiter,
who told me someone, knew where the gold be.

His name was John Grey!
He lived in the Bay!
So I journeyed out to find him...

I found him in his boat!
he didn't have a coat on the coldest day of May!

We went to serch for the purses,
but w never found the gold,
We didn't even find mold!

I headed home to Ireland!
Thats where I tell this tale,
hope you enjoy your mail!
BASTOISE99 said:
its becuase your scared mine will Pwn all of yours

No, because we're scared it'll be so much more awesome than yours you'd cry.