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For those who have a second island, do you play the game on it differently than you do on your main island? If so, how?


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May 26, 2015
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I’m thinking of getting another copy of NH so I can have a second island and make a second island journal once I get my switch lite back (assuming the repair is successful). I was thinking of making a challenge/rules for myself when playing this island to see how well I can follow through and to try to make my experience a little different from what I’ve had with my main island.

For those with a second island, do you play your second account differently like setting rules for yourself or challenges like no TTing, or do you just use it to store more items and trade?

Also, what do you like the best about having a second island? 🙂
I’ve never had more than one saved file at a time for any Animal Crossing game. I focus all of my energy towards the main town. For City Folk, however, I remember restarting several times. That’s the only game I reset that often. I always felt the need for a fresh start and restarting in a new town gave me that.

The benefit of a second file would give me somewhere to start fresh without deleting my first island.
i made my second island a meme account called hotmantown and was working on getting all of the worst looking villagers onto it :’) at that point that one was technically my third account because i had restarted my main one.

i like being able to transfer items between them.
I love having a second island.I did debate with myself for awhile before getting a second switch lite and second copy of NH. I do play them differently. My main island has mostly permanent villagers and will never be restarted. My second island I restart each year since I love the beginning of the game. It gives me the opportunity to see different villagers. I do have rules for both islands some are the same and some are different.

Rules that are the same for both islands:

Craft tools instead of buying
Try to craft or cook most gifts to villagers
Try to complete a few nook mile tasks each day .

For the island I restart . Right now it’s called Harmony.

Make sure you get a villagers photo before they leave.
Try not to have too many permanent villagers so I can see different villagers
Limit time traveling
Have villagers move in randomly or through the campsite.
I don’t worry too much about completing the museum. As I might not keep this island.

For my main island since it’s not being restarted I’m trying to complete all nook mile achievements.
I play basically the same, a lot of time traveling and decorating. Originally i wanted to have one island where i didnt time travel but i just cant help it lol
I also really enjoy the start of the game (so chill and peaceful and not overwhelming)… I don’t have a second island currently but might in the future. I don’t know if I’ll have it in me to keep restarting it just to play the beginning of the game because I’ll probably want to theme and decorate it, and that’s a lot of work.

My main island is kind of just my island, it has an Asian theme and influences from places I’ve lived in North America but mostly it’s a realistic ish beach town with a lot of diverse areas. So I’d use my second island to work on more of a theme. I’m not sure if I would play it differently, it would depend on how I’m feeling. It could be a second island where I just take the days as they come or an island where I TT if I really want to focus on island development. (I’m not TTing on my main)