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Link1704's sig shop


Senior Member
Dec 4, 2004
Hello, the name is Link1704 and sig making is my game. Now when you ask for a sig please do the following

1. Give me the size of the sig= Length x Height
2. Specify how you want your sig to look, and what you want to have on it
3. I will be able to use the sig I made you in contests or just to show off to friends
4. After the sig is done, PM Stormtrooper88888 about your sig so he can see

Those are all the guidelines. I can only do sprite animations on sigs. If you want specific pictures incorporated post them in the sig request. Thanks, oh one more thing please allow up to three days to make the sig. Creativity can't be rusted.


Edited STORM'S name - says Bulerias
Okay, give me a few days to make all of these. As of right now, I am closed, when I get the sigs done, I will reopen.
LINK, if you want to enter your work in a contest and get some prizes, please enter any of your sigs in the pinned contest here. Thanks.
Bastoise99, here is your sig. If you want the letters smaller so I can add more stuff, just say the word. All of the letters are in a nintendo font.