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It is much harder to make money in...


Senior Member
Oct 6, 2005
Well, in AC I would jsut go to the ocean catch 15 fish, then release all of the sea bass. All you get are barred knifejaw red snappers and sea bass so after a couple times you get full of red snappers and barred knifejaws,but...

in ACWW there are way more fish so it is a lot harder to find the better fish, and so then it is harder to make big bells.
Sorry if Im sort of following you around here.... But I disagree! Its a lot easier, atleast thats what I thought. I made my house bigger already, and Ive only had the game for two days! It took me like, atleast a week to make my home bigger in the regular AC.
Easier for me! In my old AC I carried 4K usually around, but in this one its 14K i usally carry around. Like 10K more!
It's probably easier for a lot of us because we aren't going into a completely new game this time, we knew the basics from AC.
Yeah, fossils are great for cash. Probolt 3k-6k ea. I get from them. I used to catch Red Snappers all the time in the original but in this one there are more varitites though so I can ctach more. But some might not be as worth as much, which makes the game more challenging, because you don't want the easy way out of games, because then there would be complaints? So you can't blame it being harder because they want it to be a challenge for you.
I don't catch many rare fish in WW, but if I play for a good amount of time, I can stack up at least 70 thousand off of fish. The Stalk market can get you rich so much quicker, though.
It is easy as can be in Wild World for me and I played AC alot I always have 15k on me and have 10,000 in my savings I use shells and fossils but I usally donate all my fossils and sell the doubles which is alot kinda.
first i made myself a an ac guidebook showing how to get golden how much bugs/fish are wut seasons then i picked the season the shark was in and it sticks out because u can see its fin stick out