I would love to experience a modern 'classic' Animal Crossing experience


Nov 2, 2014
Old Eggs
I only got into AC during new leaf and so I have only ever had experience with the more modern vision of what Animal Crossing is nowadays. But I would love to experience the more laid back Animal Crossings such as the gamecube version or Wild World edition. I want to just be a villager, living in this world with the other animals and feeling like a resident myself as opposed to being the mayor/god of the place.

Am I crazy? Were those versions just sucky and we're glad those days are gone, or would a remake of the GC or DS version go down well?

I know I could go and play the GC version or DS version now, but I mean what I say when I want a more modern classic, IE, a more graphically pleasing game with modern controller support.
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Id love a modern wild world experience with some qol tweaks to it. Yeah it was a simple game, but I feel like that was the point. It also felt much slower than new leaf and new horizon. But it's dialog felt better though on paper, it was less varied. Maybe it was just balanced better? On paper new horizons has more varied dialog, but in game it doesn't feel that way at all.
I doubt Nintendo would remaster older ones, with how successful new horizons was and how it has a lot more content and what not.
Maybe eventually an indie dev may make a game similar to older ac games with a little improvement or a little more to it.
I don't think you're crazy at all ;_; I think it would be great if we could play these games on new systems... like the Wii U version of Wild World removes the online requirement, and if we were to get a version like that with better controls, maybe other things like an indication for watered flowers, it would be close to perfect. I don't see these older games as outdated or lacking in things to do at all either, since there's unique holidays and NPCs
I would LOVE some remastered versions of the first Animal Crossing games such as the GC version and Wild World. For New Leaf I would like a remake with new features etc., instead for the first AC and WW or City Folk I think a simple remastered with a great better graphic would be ideal to preserve the essence of these games without distorting them with the new features that came later.
(And then I like the vintage atmospheres)
No stress of decorating the town/island, no pressure, just a way to disconnect from the routine of real life to relax that hour with your villagers and their funny conversations
I'm not sure I want a 'classic minimal' Animal Crossing in HD graphics. But I do want the next game to feel slower and more relaxing, where things take longer to get unlocked and upgraded.

More specifically, I'd rather make sure each day has something interesting to look forward to. In past games, they made each day feel quite different in some kind of manner - differing tasks for villagers, changes in dialog, and something new hiding to be discovered. New Horizons lacks this element quite a lot compared to other titles, and progression is stagnant due to too much getting unlocked at once.

The reason animal crossing titles start to wear down over time is that the tasks and such become too repetitive and monotonous - You already have an idea of what will happen, and thus it will start to get boring. If there was a way to keep the interest going at a steady pace, you wouldn't feel so pressured or stressed to play just for the sake of it - and instead play because the game makes you want to play it for the comforting vibes.

I can play all five, and they are still fun to play to this day. However, it would be an absolute dream to play improved versions of this games. Plus, it would be a massive help to bridge the gap between NH and the 6th mainline game (or between 6th and 7th, but that's too far away). These games should remain the same for the most part, but with better graphics, new features, and a bigger variety of dialogue.

I would also LOVE some features to be added that were not in the original counterparts, such as villager pictures (GC and City Folk), other rewards for befriending villagers, sickness (GC), traditional holidays (WW), etc.

I also think Amiibo functionality is a must, and it would be awesome to see NL and NH debutants in these games <333
@Shawna Have you considered trying Doubutsu no Mori e+? 👀 That's the Gamecube version of Animal Crossing with all the bells and whistles! Villagers get sick, 🤒 if you're good friends with them they call out to you when you're walking around, 👋 you can hold flowers in your hand, 🌹 you can take screenshots, 📸 the island is unlocked right away ⛵ and I believe you get to choose what color statue you want of yourself when you pay off your mortgage. 🤑

I have the physical game, but I think there exists a fan-made version in English on the internet somewhere. Perhaps look into that if you haven't tried it. Or if you have played it, whaddya think? Pretty cool, huh? 😁 You can even enter Tom Nook's shop after hours! 🚫🦝💤🚫
you're definitely not alone! it's so sad how nintendo hasn't done ANY remastered version of the gamecube version, and there's really no legal way of playing the older games if you don't physically have them. I hope for the next game they do what they did for pikmin; release remastered versions of the older games so new fans can still experience them! I've played all the games except gamecube, it's the one I wanna try the most.. pls nintendo let us play it!😫
I don't think you're crazy at all. Most that grew up playing the original or Wild World, or City Folk, etc should play a modern remaster. Pokémon does it every once in a while (some are better than others). However, for me personally, I probably wouldn't play it. I started with New Leaf and its still relatively new and many of my favourite villagers were introduced in New Leaf so playing an AC game without Drago or Phoebe, etc would make me feel sad and strange. To each their own though and I say Nintendo should at least try with one game, preferably the original Animal Crossing game.
I've played all the games except gamecube
Bruh, ain't no way you've played Dòngwù Sēnlín on the iQue Player. 🤯 The closest I've come to that is owning the Japanese N64 Animal Crossing, which is kinda like the Gamecube one. 🤔 Sooo... there's always that option for anyone out there unable to obtain the Gamecube version, I suppose... 😅
Bruh, ain't no way you've played Dòngwù Sēnlín on the iQue Player. 🤯 The closest I've come to that is owning the Japanese N64 Animal Crossing, which is kinda like the Gamecube one. 🤔 Sooo... there's always that option for anyone out there unable to obtain the Gamecube version, I suppose... 😅
lmaoo okay not every game! but unfortunately i've never owned an n64 either so it would probably be more difficult for me to get the japanese version, and the fact that i know like no japanese haha