I got WarioWare: DIY


May 20, 2009
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It's addicting and fun. I've made like, five games, and I can't upload them to the internet until I get WarioWare Showcase for WiiWare.
You guys have any games?

Oh, and I need some ideas for games.
Do you want my FC?

Oh, and you upload by using the pile of boxes in the top right hand corner, under the warehouse tab.
Psychonaut said:
I should so get this game.

but I'm lazy, and the gba warioware > all
Twisted was pretty good too.

I wish they would release a WarioWare Collection on 3DS, cause I have no clue where my Twisted is. :S
I bought it, but there's just something about it that won't let me get into it. I don't know why--I loved all of the other games. Maybe it's all the games I own but haven't beat and I keep on getting sidetracked.
twisted was my least favorite for a long time, but it grew on me (as I said in another topic about warioware)

I assume I've gotten the most play time out of either touched or the original gba warioware, since the touched has all the microgames completed (lol ocd) and I remember playing the gba one way too much. good times.

haven't played snapped, or this one. this one has a nice gimmick/gameplay mechanic (creating), but as I said already, I'm probably never going to buy it, due to laziness
Rockman! said:
Add me because I probably the only on here who makes the most kick ass records.
My game can't go on WiFi, but my DSi can. What the hell? Sorry, I can't add you.
accfgardenfan said:
i don't think i've ever heard of that game,what do you do on it?
it's warioware, but you make your own microgames.

something along those lines.

warioware is a game that's made up of a few hundred microgames (which are like 5 second reflex-testers), and is very different, if you haven't tried it. I thought it would suck, before I got it, then BAM, sucked in for weeks, if not months.

haven't played the do it yourself version, but it's probably good, as the rest have been fairly excellent. (mega party games wasn't my thing/good/meant to be single player, obviously)

I'd really suggest the original if you can find it/haven't played it. it's probably 10/15 dollars used somewhere, but I have no clue about ebay/etc.

tl;dr, awesome game, great job!
oh,that sounds neat. i think i remember one game from a friend i had,i think it was the original but i never got to play it.but yeah,that sounds interesting,i might look for the original the next chance i get :)
honestly, all of them are good, I'd just recommend the first, because it's the most simple, mindless fun that the series has, since touch screen/gyroscope/creating the mindless games takes thought.

the first doesn't have a lot of variety, but it's enough to get by. mega microgames (the original), touched (ds), and twisted (gba) are A+ in my books. rented the console ones (party games and move it, or some such) but they weren't really the same, I don't think.. but still, probably great fun in multiplayer.

I'd still suggest what I suggested, though.

also, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warioware#WarioWare
I have this game and it's pretty fun. I don't really enjoy making games too much, however I love to create music. Neat game overall :D