how to make money

Harvest 'foreign fruits', that's what I did to get to get my lighthouse. Although I did have to TT a bit...
Sorry no, my Friend Roster only has a few spaces left, and I'm saving those for some other people.
ACkid that's a bit tight to be honest, why can't you just de-add someone then re-add them after you two meet up?

I always found "my Friend rooster is full" to be a very lame excuse.
I didn't say it was full, and anyway he kept sending me PMs saying 'add me' and it kept getting on my nerves...
imo, damian needs sum banz.

on-topic, foreign fruit, fishing, and turnips, once you have a large enough chunk of bells to sink in them.
you can always put all your money in the ABD thing and then (under wii settings) go to the highest year possible and you can get up to 99,999 bells. bam.
you can do that as many times as you want, but you will get weeds if you do it.
Get a pocket full of coconuts and sell it to Tom Nook, you'll get ALOT of money.
Hope this helps! :gyroidsideways: