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How do you feel about monetizing your hobbies?


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Jan 9, 2015
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Would you do the things your consider as hobbies for a job? Does that make it more or less pleasurable to do those things? Do you worry if you could make enough money to sustain yourself on that alone? Or are you already doing this and succeeding? (Or have up tried and failed?)
Have people ever tried to offer you money for your hobbies? Do you accept it? Do they ever under offer or over offer, like is it insulting or is it humbling how much someone might pay you?
As a graphic designer I kinda already do lol. I do see how it makes things less fun though tbh. I write as a hobby and as much as I'd love to make money from it someday, I worry it'll make me hate doing it.
That would require me to be talented enough to monetize my hobbies ahaha. Any crafting hobbies would not be realistic for me.

I really enjoy doing makeup and nails and I think it would be so much fun to do nails as a side hustle. Since I can only do my own nails every two weeks, I have to wait a long time to try new colours and styles.
I'm either watching movies or playing chess in free time.

The window for chess has passed. Many top players are prodigies who studied from infancy.

Movies on the other hand would be fun to critique or write about. I already kinda do it in my head while watching.
I love both art and music, but I made the decision that for me personally, making it my career would take the fun out of it. Having creativity being my income would put more pressure on it, and I feel like I’d struggle. But I have no issues with monetising them sometimes. I’m working towards setting up at art stalls with a couple irl friends atm. But I don’t like the pressure I feel social media puts on people to monetise every hobby they may have, I feel like it’s changed the way people view their hobbies, from a thing to have fun with, to something you have to be good at, and if you’re not earning money from it then what’s the point?
I don't care for it. I do my hobbies because I enjoy them. I don't get any financial gains from them.
I am thinking about being an author. I just go at my own pace, so I do not stress or tire myself out.