How do you feel about airplane turbulence?


Apr 28, 2022
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How do you feel about airplane turbulence? Because I flew somewhere a few days ago and for some reason whenever I'm experiencing rough air I get excited and find it fun, even when I almost become dizzy. I hope I'm not the only one who feels that way!
I agree! A little gentle turbulence here and there can be fun. Wouldn’t want to be in a bad storm though. Thankfully I haven’t.
I’ve only been in a plane once. It was a small plane, and one that I was in for
sightseeing, not flying to a destination. It was kind of a windy day, so there was some turbulence, but thankfully nothing too crazy!

I was petrified about my first time flying and everything that might/would come with it, turbulence included. Motion sickness isn’t super uncommon for me, and I was worried that any turbulence would make me feel sicker than my anxiety already was. I’d never been in a plane before either, so I wasn’t even sure what turbulence felt like or what to expect. I imagine turbulence probably feels different in a bigger plane, and on windier days, but the turbulence I experienced on my first plane ride wasn’t bad at all! I didn’t like when it would suddenly make the plane dip a little (my stomach dropped every time it happened 😭), but honestly even that was a little exhilarating! It was anxiety-inducing, but in a good/exciting way!

I never want to experience crazy amounts of turbulence that might actually make me motion sick, but gentle turbulence is okay! Kind of fun, even.
No, I do not enjoy turbulence. No matter how many times I fly.
Oh, I'm sorry... You get motion sickness when that happens, right? Because one of my poor siblings got that during the flight. But they're fine now.
No. I don’t like turbulence or airplanes in general. I much prefer trains as my method of travel.
I agree that it's a bit exciting. Kind of like a minor earthquake, you don't know if it will get worse, but at least you get an instant adrenaline rush!
i'm pretty neutral about it? i don't have any fear of flying or anything so whether turbulence happens or not is fine with me. i just prefer that maybe it doesn't happen when i'm trying to sleep that's all.
Doesn’t bother me usually since it’s typically mild, but there was one exception.
I was doing a short in-state flight on a tiny plane with only 6 other passengers a few years ago. The turbulence got so bad over a large mountain that I could feel my stomach acid slushing up into my chest. A passenger near me said the turbulence was worse than when she flew over the Himalayas.
Turbulence that bad is awful and something I’d never want to go through again. I felt genuinely sick and I normally never get motion sickness.
I'm scared enough of flying to begin with, so turbulence is very scary for me!

My very first flight was down through storm clouds. There was actually a Tornado Warning over the area we were landing and we had to circle around for a while so it could pass before landing. When we came down it was some bad turbulence. Did not help my fear of flying to begin with, for sure. :cry:
I don't enjoy turbulence as I get terrible motion sickness 🥴😭 While it adds a bit of a thrill to the flight, my stomach does not enjoy it at all lol. I've been on a few flights with mild turbulence and hope I'm not on a flight with bad turbulence.
I just flew less than a week ago with some bad turbulence while landing and it made me SO MOTION SICK. I can't handle that kind of jostling 😔