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How do you feel about eating in front of people?

Do you like eating in front of people?

  • I don't feel comfortable and I'd rather eat alone. I only do it when necessary. (I dislike it.)

    Votes: 25 36.8%
  • It doesn't bother me and I don't have an issue either way. (Neutral/Indifferent option.)

    Votes: 39 57.4%
  • I love eating at public restaurants surrounded by big groups. I need the company. (I like it.)

    Votes: 2 2.9%
  • Other - Please explain this.

    Votes: 2 2.9%

  • Total voters
Eating in public spaces doesn't bother me at all, especially in restaurants or cafes where everyone is doing the exact same thing as me. 🤷🏼‍♀️
I don't mind eating around others. Sometimes I can be a lil messy when I'm eating though so I'd prefer if people don't actively watch me while I eat. What I really hate is when people are in the kitchen/watching me while I'm cooking, I get very self conscious about my scatterbrained processes and I start overthinking every action and get worried about messing something up.
I voted for other, because I don't mind eating alone, or with others.

But if someone is a loud eater (chewing with their mouth open, smacking/slurping sounds) I basically want to run as fast as I can out of the room. If there is other conversation around me, I won't hear it because I will be zeroed in on the eating noises and trying not to pull my ears off.
I don't like eating in front of others because sometimes I'm a messy eater and I'm scared of being judged or something. 😭 I won't go out of my way to eat alone, but it's definitely preferred.
If it's close friends or my partner I don't mind eating in front of them. But when we have big extended family gatherings I always feel embarrassed to eat even though everyone else is eating. Or eating in front of people at work? Why is it so embarrassing. I still do it though cause time is limited at lunch.
i only eat out when it’s with friends or family so i don’t really mind! if anything, i zone out and focus on the food & company rather than anyone else.
i always find myself covering my mouth when eating in front of people, even though i don't necessary care about eating in front of people. i suppose it's just a subconscious thing lol.
I don't mind eating in front of people, but I do feel uncomfortable if I'm in a situation where I go to someone's house and have to eat what they cooked. That was a more common occurrence when I was a kid, but I have autism, so the texture of a lot of food makes me straight up gag, so I can't eat some things and avoid them. It makes me worry that people may think I'm just a picky eater or rude or something
I don't really care whether its in a public place or at family social. I eat fast anyway so I would never notice anyone watching me.
it definitely isn't something i enjoy. it something that does kinda kick my anxiety into overdrive, but in an effort to appear "normal" i can try and bear it if i have to eat out of the house for any reason (which isn't often tbh, anytime i do have purchase meals or anything, i bring them home to eat) but if think too much about it i feel like i'm crumbling inside. i'm really self-conscious and deal with stomach issues so i'm careful of what and when i eat if i have to eat out of the house. most days of the week i eat lunch in my car rather than inside tbh lol
I don't like it! 😆

Fr, no idea why, but I really don't like it. I can handle it, but it's not comfortable. Feels like being on display in a fish bowl. Our schedules here mean we aren't always eating at the same time, lucky me.

What I really prefer is sitting at the table, eating by myself, with a book (or kindle) propped up in front of me so I can read at the same time, lol.
i don’t mind people at other tables, i’m usually concerned with the people at my own table. i can eat fine if i’m with family (we have dinner at the table together anyway) or close friends but i get uncomfortable eating with large groups of people (like extended friends). i think it’s more to do with the socializing while eating than just the eating itself.
If it's family members, it's fine (except if I'm eating with them in a public places)
And outside that, I would feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.
I don't mind eating in a group setting at all. I'm trying to think of scenarios that might vary, and only one I can think of a is it's something messy like eating wings. That's more so not wanting to be messy in front of people though.
I'm okay with eating with other people if we're both eating. If I'm the only one eating or if the other person is the only one eating, I dislike it. Having misophonia makes me go mad, honestly. I wish I didn't have it.
I'm okay with eating with other people if we're both eating. If I'm the only one eating or if the other person is the only one eating, I dislike it. Having misophonia makes me go mad, honestly. I wish I didn't have it.
That was the word I was looking for above! Misophonia is a legit thing! I can always tell in movies which directors have misophonia (or at least respect it) by the eating noises in their films. Some include all the smacking and chewing noises, while others somehow delete the mouth noises, even though they are talking while eating.

I once told a date that things were going well because she chewed with her mouth closed. She looked at my funny, but we ended up together for 9 years. (It ended badly, but that's another story!)
Depends on whom I'm with, but generally feel quite uncomfortable eating with others 😅 I've struggled with ED in the past, sometimes still do, and, unfortunately, there is still a lot of shame associated to food for me :(
i voted other because it really depends on how drained i am socially.

sometimes i’ll really enjoy it, sometimes i’m neutral, sometimes i absolutely loathe it and want to go home. it also depends who i’m eating with.
honestly ive never really thought about the fact people at a restaurant would watch me eat?? i feel like that's really creepy to stare at a stranger while they're eating lol
so like i don't really care im always with my family in a restaurant and i don't really care about them seeing me eat but if it was a friend or something id probably be insecure about it.
if i was alone in a restaurant then i might be worried about someone watching me but since im always with my family idc