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How can I play gc Animal Crossing without a GameCube?


Jan 19, 2024
Look, I’m not looking to invest in old consoles right now, especially when they’re going for $200+ used. I just want to see if there’s any way I can play the original animal crossing (I’ve played every single other one) with any of the following systems I already have:

N64 (I don’t want Doboutsu No Mori if it’s only in Japanese) (But I would be interested in a translated version, I’m not aware of one however)
Wii (Model number is RVL101, not 001 that supports GameCube)
3ds xl
Switch (I do have an online membership)

I know that emulator on PC is an option, but the only PC I have is a household one and it’s pretty old, I doubt I would be able to convince my parents to play on there
You can emulate using your phone, and I’ve heard gamecube games work. That might depend on what phone you have though
I installed something called "Nintendont" onto my Wii. 💡 If you're good at following software installation tutorials and have the patience to install all the necessary components to run Nintendont on your Wii, you can try looking "Nintendont" on the internet. There's plenty of documentation on how to install it. 💾💻🌐 It's region free, allows for virtual memory cards and allows a plethora of controller inputs, like the Wii remote or even some third party USB controllers. 👍 If you consider that route, feel free to privately message me for any help. I've done this kind of stuff before. 😁
I don't believe you'd need a very powerful computer to emulate ACGC, I remember playing it on my laptop over a decade ago.

Depending on your phone/tablet, you could emulate it using Dolphin. My phone is pretty good but the game lags a bit in some areas... it's playable, however.

Finally, I'm pretty sure you can mod your Wii to run GC games, but I don't know the specifics of that as I don't have a Wii. Idk about Switch. It's not really playable on 3DS afaik.