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Animal crossing amiibo info thread/how I obtained every amiibo in 2024

Thanks for everyone's help and info in this thread. I have completed my amiibo card collection minus the promo Isabelle and K.K. Slider cards (I mean there are already 6 Isabelle variants and 3 K.K. Slider variants in the main series...)

I'm going to repurpose this thread and archive it for anybody looking for amiibo info in 2024 that this could help. Furthermore I will always have alerts on in case anybody else responds here to ask any unanswered questions.
I don’t have any questions, but congrats on completing your collection! I too am starting to collect Amiibo cards as of 2024 and it really is rough. Nintendo really should have kept printing these.

I ended up going for European cards (I’m in Canada). They are Quite a bit more expensive than Japanese cards but I really want the cards in English and North American cards are even more absurd price wise. I also kinda like that the European cards have the character names in more additional languages to the North American cards. The birthdates are reversed to how we read/write dates here but as long as all my cards are formatted the same I don’t mind.

I ordered a European box of Welcome Amiibo cards (50 cards) for about half the price of the only single pack (6 cards) of North American WA cards that I could even find online. Yeah… 😳

I’m definitely going the box route for the rest of the sets as well. The fact that boxes are better priced on average compared to individual packs and that the Japanese and European boxes (but not North American so even more of a plus for collecting non NA cards!) typically get you the entire set in a full box is a no brainer.

Other than paying more than I should have for a bunch of individual series 1 European packs that’s all I have so far. Boxes only from now on - I’ve learned my lesson.