Hopes for the next Mario Kart?


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May 11, 2020
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Now that Mario Kart 8 is ten years old, the next Nintendo console will be announced this year, and Deluxe has the last of its DLC released, talk about the next Mario Kart game has increased. What are some of your hopes for the game? Here are mine:

- Better track selection. Deluxe has way too many Rainbow Road tracks and ports from Mario Kart Tour. Some more variety would be nice.

- Get rid of the blooper item. It doesn’t help the player outside of making the computer A.I. worse and is just an annoyance on other players.

- More single player content. Mario Kart DS had an awesome single player mode that was filled with missions and even boss fights. It was much needed variety from the usual Grand Prix and time trials.

- Harder A.I. Mario Kart 8’s AI is super easy, even by this series’ standards and going back to older games made this more apparent to me. For long term players the option for truly challenging computer players would be really nice.
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I was never the most avid Mario Kart 8 player. I grew up more with Mario Kart 7 and despite the lack of single player content it was the one I liked more. I thought Mario Kart 8 and the addition of double item boxes delved the races more into frantic chaos. Fair enough to those who enjoyed that. But I thought the previous games already struck a nice balance between skill and luck. Making a change was nice but overall the extreme hectic nature of 8 was something I grew to dislike. Especially as I gained points online and it began to feel the lobbies were getting more and more based on me getting stomped down with a dozen shells. So if it's not too much of an ask, I would like a change of form again. Maybe one double item box per track? (although I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo was like 'hey, have triple fun in Mario Kart 9 with three items at once'!)

I also didn't care that much for the anti gravity feature. It didn't accomplish much for me other than make it a bit harder to memorize the tracks due to being extra twisty. Contributes again to what I presume is the series turning into a more hectic path.

I can't contribute much about my thoughts on the cast. Toad/Toadette are the only Mario characters I ever play, so if those two are in the game I'm more than satisfied. I definitely agree with easing up on the tour tracks. It was nice getting these mobile locked courses into a proper console, yet I was also a little disappointed that it took several waves to get the textures and graphics up to par with the base game race tracks. If they do bring back the tour courses, maybe it could be akin to what Super Circuit GBA did? You basically unlock them all at once as an extra Gran Prix. A complete graphical re-haul for them also feels needed if those mobile tracks are to return.
I'm hoping for a better battle mode. I loved Wii's battle mode with the team aspects. I know some people prefer to play for themselves, but there was something about the teams that made it more fun. They were pretty good at distributing the teams, too.

Red Team: 9K BR and 5K BR
Blue Team: 7K BR and 7K BR

That's an example of how they would do it, and it seems pretty even to me. The Red Team always seemed to have the person with the most BR. They were pretty good about rewarding points where they were due, especially if you performed well despite being on the losing team. I didn't see any flaws with their battle mode, and it was a shame to see it so different on Mario Kart 8.

Racing was never my strong point. I'm glad battle mode exists in this game, and I'm hoping they do something nice with it this time around. Maybe they'll bring back the team aspect (beyond Renegade Roundup), but I don't want to get my hopes up.

I also prefer battle mode, so there's that. I'm better at it than racing.
The ability to change the track selection method in private rooms, so that I don't have to play Baby Park and Moo Moo Meadows 15 times during the next TBT event. :)

But also, agreed, the Tour tracks can go. They're subpar.
The ability to change the track selection method in private rooms, so that I don't have to play Baby Park and Moo Moo Meadows 15 times during the next TBT event. :)
I feel like that wouldn't bother me as much if I didn't absolutely suck at both of those stages, but YES, there needs to be limits to how many times a track can be selected within private rooms.
Because I am a pro player, I'd actually want to have a way to where every character and vehicle build to be a very viable combo instead of just only one good combo.

For instance, Male Villager is a viable character, but he isn't enough to become meta. And while I do appreciate the Teddy Buggy being a meta vehicle, I would like other kart parts to have the same meta levels as the Teddy Buggy does. While the balance patch did change some things to be more viable, it isn't enough.

If they could just go the route that Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled did where every character can have a certain driving style, (Which the meta for that is Speed) then every character can become the meta. Then again, there will always be that "one" that will be better than others, but if the next game goes on this route or something similar, then any character and any combo will be on the exact meta levels.

Another thing I'd like to see in the next game is fix the team mode, as when either team gets a shock, it only affects their team which can be seen as extremely unfair. This is one of the reasons why Lounge doesn't allow Team mode due to this, so they can get easier wins. Unless they want to keep it, it can be toggled to have the shock item not be protected by their own team on whoever on that certain team used the shock.

One more thing, they should bring back the old drifting style of drifting bikes and wheelies. And while they were overpowered back in Mario Kart Wii, it will be overpowered in the next game. My idea to balance this is to:

  • Make Inside Drifting Bikes Wheelie and have the old drifting style, but they can only charge a blue mini-turbo. And when they get bumped by a player while doing a wheelie, they spin out.
  • Karts have their ability to firehop again, but they can only charge up to a super mini-turbo, and there is a 10 second cooldown after they firehop.
  • ATVs/Outside Drifting Bikes are the only ones that can charge an ultra mini-turbo, but they have no invincibility frames and are prone to getting hit by items even after they already got hit by one.
That is just my idea on how they can balance the metagame if they decide to add these quirks to each vehicle types.

Also, wishful thinking, but imagine if they added hoverboards like Sonic Riders or something similar. They'll boast better drifting and traction, but when you get hit by an item, it makes them fall off of their board, making it longer to recover, but they get a huge boost after they get back on.
  • I 100% agree on wanting more single player content like in MK DS, that was fun and I hope we get something similar.
  • I dont know what it was called but in MK Wii there were these events? that you could compete in weird challenges for a limited time? I dont know but I remember being chased by a huge Wiggler on Wario’s Gold Mine. I want fun little things like that.
  • Bikes having the ability to wheelie.
  • Heavily nostalgia-biased here but I want the vehicles from MK Wii, like the baby booster thing.
  • A limitation on the number of Tour tracks, I don’t feel like real world places belong in Mario Kart? Plus they’re not quite the same quality.
  • Definitely keep 12 cups (at least) instead of 8 like base game MK8 on the WiiU.
  • More battle mode maps! I wanna play on my old favourites, like the actual DS course!
  • I want the giant mushroom item back.
  • And sure, remove the blooper, it doesn’t really do anything other than be annoying.
  • Isabelle needs to stay, and Wiggler needs to be in the base game. Toadette is a must, as is baby Peach (my childhood main). I want Rosalina to race with the Luma again like in MK Wii, because that was adorable.
  • I want new characters added from other Nintendo franchises - I wanna race as Kirby or Jigglypuff for example.
  • A Kirby themed track?! I love the tracks designed based on a specific game.
  • I want more late-game stuff to unlock as an incentive to keep playing. Definitely have there be stuff to unlock rather than it all being available from the beginning.
  • Harder AI would be great to keep the game alive without needing online.
  • The whole meta thing is just confusing and kind of annoying in MK8DX. I hate seeing all the same combos online, and it makes me feel like playing as my favourites is hindering my performance. I dont know how they’d fix that, I guess just by having more options with the same stats maybe?

And a load more things. I love Mario Kart so I’d get the game whatever it’s like, but yeah, I have a lot of nostalgia for the previous games lol.
The ability to change the track selection method in private rooms, so that I don't have to play Baby Park and Moo Moo Meadows 15 times during the next TBT event. :)

But also, agreed, the Tour tracks can go. They're subpar.
I know you like it really lol mooooooo