hello! :o)


wild world grandma
Nov 7, 2023
Dragon Tokens
hi! I'm new here (technically... I've been visiting (cough, lurking) on and off for years!), but I've been playing AC for almost 20 years, starting when I was a wee kid with WW and continuing on through every game since that. I was super involved with the AC community back on tumblr during the NL days and I've missed being a part of an AC fanbase so much, so I'm very excited to be a part of the forums! 💖
Hi! Welcome to the forums!

Are you playing any AC games currently? Do you have a favourite from the series? 😊
hi, welcome to the forums! i hope you have much more fun here as a poster than a lurker! 💕 i look forward to hopefully seeing you around!

wild world was my first animal crossing game as well! i love that it’s been so many people’s introduction to this incredible franchise. ☺️ do you have any favourite villagers?
Welcome to the forums! I also started the animal crossing series with Wild World! Which Nintendo console is your favorite? My favorite is probably the 3ds :D
Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay here :]