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Free Mousepad

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Bacon Boy said:
How do we sign in? Can only find register.
Updated the link. I think that should be the right one. There should be a button saying "connect to facebook or whatever."
FarrenTheRobot said:
So wait, what do I do now? I posted it on my wall.
The site should be telling you what to do. Once you posted it on your wall, you "like" their group" and then you should see a coupon code and expiration date. Save the code for when you get your mousepad. The coupon only covers up to $10.98 so watch what you buy.
Fabioisonfire said:
Before I go ahead and do this, what does the mousepad look like?
It's a normal flat square mousepad with any image above 950x800 on it.

It's also pretty durable too.

That's mine! : D
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