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Easiest way to change lineup


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Jun 24, 2013
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Hi all,
I have been accumulating quite a few collectibles and as a result it's taking me quite a while to change them out. The only way I know to do this is to click each item and set to active or inactive. I notice u can have both options checked at once but i do not know if this actually does anything. when i do it my way each change kicks me back to the top of the page and i have to scroll back down to where i was to do the next one. Is there a faster way to do this? What does having both boxes checked do, if anything? if there is somewhere here that explains all this feel free to direct me there. thanks
Both boxes checked means that they will not show by your name and people who visit your profile and look in your inventory can see you have the collectible. If you have only hidden checked, they will not show by your name and other people cannot see it in your inventory tab on your profile.
When you go to your Inventory page, you'll notice that for each collectible, there are options on the right side:


- If you click on Settings, it brings up a box with options to click whether you want the individual collectible to be Active and/or Hidden. Active collectibles are the ones that will show up in your lineup. Hidden ones won't show up unless Unhidden.

- Discard, as you figure, deletes the collectible.

- Gift allows you to send the collectible to another user when you type their name in. Some collectibles cannot be gifted, so that option isn't always there.

With that out of the way, along with those options, there are also little checkboxes you can click:

Click all of the checkboxes for the collectibles you want to focus on at the moment and it will bring up an option bar:


Click on the option bar and it will bring up a list of options:


- Discard Purchases will mass delete all of the collectibles selected. This is permanent and you should only click it if you actually want to get rid of the collectible, but you'd be better off selling it for TBT.

- Hide Purchases will make it so the selected collectibles don't show up in your inventory for other people to see.

- Unhide Purchases will make it so the selected collectibles will show up in your inventory for other people to see and will be visible in your lineup when Active.

- Activate Purchases will make it so the selected collectibles will show up in your lineup in your post sidebar.

- Deactivate Purchases will make it so the selected collectibles become inactive, meaning they will not show up in your lineup.

Checking the box for multiple collectibles at once will allow you to Activate, Deactivate, Hide or Unhide as many collectibles as you want to. Just click on the option you want to use at that specific time.

Much faster and more convenient if you're organizing multiple collectibles instead of just one. If you're just doing one, might as well just toggle the Active or Hidden status using the individual collectible's Settings.