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Do you aim to have lots of lineups or one permanent one?

Do you aim to have lots of lineups or one perfect one?

  • I try to make lots of good lineups that I can rotate between

    Votes: 33 76.7%
  • I prefer to just make one permanent lineup and keep it on display

    Votes: 10 23.3%

  • Total voters


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Aug 3, 2015
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Do you like to make lots of different lineups and flip between them on a regular basis, or do you aim to have one permanent lineup?

I expect most people will vote that they like to have lots of lineups, but personally I prefer to have just one! I'm not saying I've never changed my lineup, but I tend to only pursue new collectibles if I like them enough to "bump out" one of the collectibles in my existing lineup. Or in other words, I only change my lineup if I come up with something I like better than my last "permanent" lineup.
yeah i also tend to think 'ooh collectible pretty' and get it, then just end up combining whatever i have to make some sort of coherent lineup. i'll usually decide an order to buy things per event, anything beyond that is up to the collectible gods! i rotate my lineup a lot though
My first step will be 'making a lineup that looks like it's not a bundle of randomness'. Then I'll figure my preference out from there.
I just show what I like, occasionally themes with the season but I'm not active enough to care
i'm kind of in the middle, similar to yours. i sometimes rotate but not too often, usually just when an event rolls around or there's something new. some collectibles are kind of staples, like the cyan heart/star wands.
i have several lineups, but i don't rotate them often, usually only for events/seasons. most of them are made up of collectibles that are from the same event, since you can buy them in the order you want, making lineups easier to plan.
I always change my lineup whenever a new set of collectibles get released, but this one I plan on keeping around for a bit as I want to go a full circle of the 2018 Joke eggs with the newly added Rotating Fool’s Egg.
I'm constantly changing lineups. It's a bit of an addiction, honestly. I find it really fun to play around with my collectibles and see how many aesthetically pleasing combinations I can make! My avatar and signature change far less frequently, though. I typically change them once or twice a season, maybe three if there's an event going on.
I'm incredibly indecisive when it comes to my aesthetic and choosing lineups and tend to change it up every 2-3 weeks. I love seasonal decorations irl and it carries over to my online existence too - I just like when the space around me reflects the current month and event and I enjoy changing things up, rearranging furniture (and collectibles) and there are just too many pretty little pixels to limit myself to just one permanent lineup. I do admire when people are stoic enough to rock one constant aesthetic though, it can be quite iconic! :'D
i think i have two planned lineups, one from this last farewell to nl event and a jelly fish one from camp a few years ago. i like to switch out my lineups but mostly just to experiment with what i have in my inventory. it's fun to mix and match and come up with new ways to wear the same collectibles :)
I have lots of lineups, most of which are seasonal or themed. I have about 5 maybe that I'd consider "permanent lineups" the rest are just extras that I love! I have to recount how many total I have.
I try to have a few line ups rather than a whole bunch or just one.
Mostly because I really like seasons and it is just kinda comforting having that show up.
Not to mention collectibles that pertain to personal interests are fun too. Like, pets :D or games..
I’m trying to curate just a few lineups to alternate between. There are lots of new collectible releases that are thwarting those efforts though. 😅
I'm the sort of person who likes putting together a bunch of different lineups. I try to keep things fresh and don't really reuse them too often, though there are a few that I bring back at certain points each year (apples in late Summer, mushrooms in November, etc.) I'm really particular about it, having to get things in a nice order with proper timestamps and whatnot.

There's a downside to this, though, as there's nothing I really feel comfortable parting with from my Inventory to earn TBT. All my expendable stuff has been sold/traded for something for a lineup already.
I kinda like changing my lineup from time to time. I think I’ve said this before, but timestamps don’t matter to me, so my lineups are just mostly things I like, but hey, that’s okay by me. I’m just starting to get into collectibles now, so may change lineup colors eventually…
I just went through my lineups google doc and counted, and I currently have 160 lineup ideas saved, if that answers your question LOL

I love changing my aesthetic on here frequently, especially my lineup! I love matching my aesthetic to different seasons/holidays, whatever TBT event’s going on, whatever my latest new obsession is etc! There’s a few lineups I’ve come up with that I’d love to have displayed all of the time, but I’m the kinda person that gets bored of their aesthetic after a few weeks (or a month and a half at most) of having it, no matter how much I love it.

I love coming up with new lineup ideas, and love having so many I can choose from! I have lineups that are perfect for different seasons, holidays, potential event themes etc, and I love that! For me, it kinda feels like the TBT equivalent of setting your clothes for the next day out before going to bed to save you some time and stress in the morning. It stresses me out to have to scramble to put an aesthetic together for an event, so it’s a big relief to have some already ready to go for when/if the time comes!

Though, similar to what Halloqueen said, there are a couple of “downsides” to it for me. Most of the collectibles I get I keep, especially since I always try to come up with lineup ideas with them first before selling/trading/giving them away, and most of the time, I can do something with them that I like. Most of the collectibles I’m willing to part with I’ve already done so, or they’re in my selling thread. I love and can come up with ideas for so many different collectibles, so I don’t get to sell/trade them much. I also have so many lineup ideas that it’s a bit overwhelming at times, since I know I can’t display them all in a timely manner. I also have to look through my lineups doc every few months or so, just to see if I still like all of the ideas I have in there.

All of that being said, designing lineups honestly brings me joy. It’s something small that allows me to be creative when I want to be creative, but don’t have the energy or ability to draw or write. I’ve especially been having fun creating lineups this past year! So many new collectibles to play around with!
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what the **** is rotation?

I just have a critical mass of lineup flexibility and a serious problem of constantly adding more options to it
i can't come up with a lot of good ones on my own so the ones that look nice, stays up the longest and i tend to get lazy changing it since i don't have a lot to work with in the first place ;w;