Do any of your collectibles have sentimental value?

Yes! All my collectibles are special to me but the ones that mean the most are the following (no particular order)

1.View attachment 552863 View attachment 552882@LittleMissPanda was a huge help when I decided to buy the ditto collectible. I had no idea about the price ranges or really anything about them 😅. Will always be grateful her help with this (as well as in general) and the feather which she gifted me later☺️.
2. View attachment 552864View attachment 552865 @oak I’ve been struggling really bad on and off and needing time off here time and time again. Oak surprised me with these two collectibles 😭. They’ve always been so understanding about me not chatting a lot and for coming and going, and always so kind.
3. View attachment 552867 @KittenNoir surprised me with this collectible; it wasn’t necessary but so thoughtful and much appreciated (and I love it too and had no idea about this collectible until i saw it in my notifications one day 🙂)
4. View attachment 552868 I found out recently that this collectible belonged to @KittenNoir, which makes it extra special since she has been a wonderful friend. And am very grateful to @Jhine7 for the 50% off sale and for selling it since I missed out on the event 🙂 and was a bit short on the regular price.
5.View attachment 552869 @S.J. surprised me with this even though she didn’t have to 🙂. always so kind and thoughtful ☺️.she’s been extremely supportive too while i was away from the forums. 🙂
6. View attachment 552881 @WaileaNoRei sold me this egg at a discounted price at the time 🙂. I cherish it not just for that but because it’s from her and we’ve been friends for a long time and it is nice to have something to remind me of the fun we had and our friendship.
7.View attachment 552870 @Dio Gifted me this shortly after he received one. It wasn’t necessary but was much appreciated 🙂.A nice reminder too of trading and chatting with him in the past 🙂.
8. View attachment 552878 I got one from @meri! lt was wonderful surprise since I was only coming on to check a message at the time 🙂. I was really touched ☺️
8. Two red lunar envelopes: one from @azurill & @Lavamaize 🙂. I was not expecting any since I was on and off, but they both sent me one which was really kind and thoughtful of them. ☺️

I saved all the collectibles from the presents I got one Christmas 🙂. They all made me happy and still do when I look at them. ☺️
I just realized I tagged the wrong person about the snowbunny. I’m so sorry @oak & especially @-Blue-; it took me this long to realize this. I’ve been away from the forums too long that I realize I am falling out of touch with everyone. I just wanted to update this and apologize to you both. I’m really grateful to both of you; both of you have been too kind to me. I do mean what I said about the snowbunny being very special to me and the gnome from oak meaning a lot to me 🙂.

I want to add to my list these collectibles:
. Those events were some of my happiest days since they were before my kitties got sick and before something happened. I’m really glad I got to participate in those. They all got me into drawing for a bit 🙂.
Just the old Valentines Day and Christmas collectibles that are no longer active. One of them is from someone who hasn’t been on here in a few years so seeing it is kinda bittersweet.
I posted in this thread before but have gotten more collectibles since, so I'll talk about them here! Just so you know, I don't have my Rotating Fool's Egg anymore.

Blue Hybrid Violet
- A Blue Hybrid Violet I bought from @/Firesquids. It reminds me of the same one that the kind @/MiniPocketWorld gifted to me when I couldn't grow a single hybrid during the Hybrid Flower Breeding event. Sadly, I accidentally discarded the collectible while I tried to deactivate it along with some other collectibles. While most of them are back in my inventory, my Rotating Fool's Egg and @/MiniPocketWorld's Blue Hybrid Violet didn't survive. I'm glad I was able to get one from @/Firesquids with the same message, which went: "Bloom where you are planted" -Unknown
Purple Balloon
- While waiting for my lost collectibles to be found, I was randomly sent a Purple Balloon by my friend @/ZeldaCrossing64. They didn't have to do that but it was still so sweet of them anyway... T_T I think of them every time I look at the balloon, and I really like the message in it. I've always told people, "You gotta believe!" to motivate them (I got it from PaRappa the Rapper BTW). I always considered myself the only TBTer who would say something like that, so being told the same thing surprised me TBH (and made me happy as well).
Sweet Bunny Balloon
- A Sweet Bunny Balloon, also from @/ZeldaCrossing64. They blew most of their TBT on a rare collectible and I wanted to help them replenish their funds, so I bought this cute collectible from them while specifically requesting a surprise message. Speaking of the's so loving and silly and I really like it! >w<
- My Lobo collectible. Given to me by a dear friend who has since.. passed away. I miss her dearly. This is why any of my Lobos are NFT! He's just too special to me now because of my old friend.

Any of my Valentines Roses. Some were gifted to me by friends who are no longer active here; like my bestie NUH/NoUsernameHere or currently (but inactive) known as Bread Kennedys 😭 AND Cheryll! I miss Cheryll so much! I'll never discard these.

Any of my patches. They're never used in lineups, but they are cool reminders of all the friends I've made through each event we've had on site! ^_^

- April Birthstone! One of my good friends birthdays is in April. The date on the collectible is actually his birthdate as well! ^_^

Everyone who knows me knows I've always loved the angel aesthetic. I am an angel >< So when I saw the Angel Wings Potion release, I had to have multiple! I only have one now, but it's okay c:

And that's probably it! Aside from the Dreamy Eggs I worked so hard to obtain again this past year LOL.. I'll never sell a Dreamy Egg ever again!!!
The ones that I had the most sentiment with are obviously the star fragments, salmonid egg, bronze trophy, shooting star, ocean pearl, blue Jellyfishes, and the enchanted bloom.

As for the Jellyfishes, I'm planning out to swap out the extra blue ones for the two white jellyfish for variety.