collectible tier list 2.0 ★

what's a master rule item 💀

One-time specials in my shop where I sell items I obtain from events for 50% Off projected market value. :) More info can be found on my main shop page.

I just notated it in my post to disclose that it was sold at discount and most likely worth more long term.
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i'm gonna add this to the OP eventually to avoid confusion in the future but:

i'm not going to be paying attention to shops and their terms, which includes discounts and specials and whatnot. so if people with shops wanna specify that they sold that their collectibles at a discount i suggest posts look something like

- sold sakura for 100 tbt (50% off)
- sold sakura at a discount for 100 tbt

but in all honesty, i don't think adding that a collectible was discounted is even necessary at all. the bottom line is that this collectible sold for that price, whether that price becomes a trend or not is for the rest of the community to decide.
-bought a purple bunny balloon for 180 TBT
-bought a red bunny balloon for 250 TBT
-bought a cyan heart balloon for 300 TBT
Not too long ago I bought an Orange for 10 TBT. And today I got the Stitches collectible for 100 TBT!
- bought a green heart balloon for 300 TBT
- bought a pink balloon for 250 TBT
- bought a yellow heart balloon for 400TBT
- bought a purple heart balloon for 400 TBT
- bought a green balloon for 250 TBT
- bought a purple bunny balloon for 400 TBT
has anyone had/seen any gold rose transactions? someone asked about them a bit ago and i still haven't seen one bought, sold, or traded so i'm not sure where to put them!
  • Bought a Perfect Cherry for 200 TBT
  • Traded away Perfect Cherry for Perfect Apple
  • Bought a Zodiac Dragon for 70 TBT