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Mar 1, 2015
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what's up welcome to the new tier list thread! we decided to make a new one since mog isn't as active and wants a nice opening post. 🐇

*note: the term "value" is used in this post to encompass both popularity and price.

⭐ introduction to the tier list

the gist of the tier list is so we as a community can determine collectibles' popularity in relation to their general tbt price and hopefully prevent scamming, which is unfortunately a common occurrence. tiers range from tier 0 (most rare/expensive) to tier 8 (least rare/expensive). collectibles move between tiers as their value shifts.

also going to paste this disclaimer blurb which has been part of the tier list from the start:
The tier list is not meant to serve as a static, objective price guide. The tiers are intentionally broad so users can form their own ideas of collectible prices, and thus also allow newer members to have a better shot at obtaining collectibles. Previous price threads, by no fault of their creators of course, had their values seen as objective and were held in a near religious regard and this is something we wanted to avoid when making the tier list. That being said, we recognize the importance of having a reference for pricing, and collectibles will be moved between tiers as well as within their respective tiers if necessary.​

⭐ how it works

we ask that you please post any of your collectible sales/trades here to help determine their place in the tier list! however, please try not to post the same transaction if it's already mentioned by someone else (if person A sells a frost egg to person B, only one person needs to post about it!)

in order for a collectible to move tiers, there must be several instances in which its value has changed. outlier sales will not move a collectible up or down the list. for example, if one user sells a tier 2 collectible for a tier 5 price or vise versa, that collectible will still stay in its original tier unless the community's overall perception of its value shifts and it continues to sell at a different price.

if a collectible is added to or moves within the list, it will be noted in the "latest updates" section in the "info" tab. if a row is green, the collectible moved up! if the row is red, it moved down (womp womp).

if anything is missing or you think anything should move, please post in the thread so it can be discussed! there's only a couple people working on the list at the moment and and we have busy lives, so please be patient as everything is done manually! 💙

also if you feel anything in this OP needs to be added or clarified, feel free to ping.

⭐ helpful links

Really grateful for all the hard work behind such a useful resource. Thank you 💜
I love how neat and organized this is, it’s so pleasing to look at as well! I really appreciate all of the effort that’s gone into providing such a valuable resource for the community! ty seliph, and ty as well mog for the OG tier list! 🫶🏻
sold a rose crystal for 1.5k tbt
sold an opalescent crystal for 1.5k tbt + pink bunny balloon
and traded an angel wings potion for a dreamy popper c:

tyyy for this shiny new thread!! u guys are the collectible mvps <3