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Are you going to download Animal Forest on the Rev


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Theres a verry good chance we will be able to download Animal Forest (the first AC game in Japan for the N64) on the Revolution. If we are able to, will you?
i think i'd download it...

yeh, theres alot of games i want to download... now all i need is money

Well i don't think the download will cost you but you might need to buy memory to store it on, Yes the system will have some but you might want more and don't forget space needed to save games.
i tryed downloading it but the it asked for a credit card so started puting in random numbers

Yes, I'll download it. I'd like to see all of the Japanese holidays, some items that were thrown out, etc... But If I had a choice, I'd pick AC Rev anyday.

SPORGE27 said:
oh and I actually won't....because I will still be playing AC DS!
same here. also, I am a little suprised that no one has said this yet: IT IS IN JAPINESE!! I don't know about you guys, but I can't read japinese. If they translated it well, however, I probobly will download it.
I'm taking Japanese class this year, so I'll be able to translate at least some of the words in the game, so, I'll be getting it.