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Acre B-3: March


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Dec 2, 2004
Welcome to the offical Acre B-3! This is the only official chat thread on the The Bell Tree Forums. This is YOUR chat thread, so it's up to you to decide what to do here. Of course, all usual rules apply. Please refer to the rules page for details.

Each month, the previous chat thread will be locked and we will create a new one. This will help to keep the chat thread manageable while still allowing you to keep your post count.

When you post in this chat thread, please do not make one-word posts such as "Hi!" and "Cool!" You don't always have to make full sewhen you make a post, but as a general rule you should have something more to say than just one word. Please also refrain from posting to yourself or posting one after another just to rank up. If it gets out of hand you will be asked to stop.

Also, all posts made here will go toward your total post count!

Most important, have fun!

(Thanks to NSider for providing us with a general base of rules)
Hey everyone. Yup we finally got a chat thread. And guess what... you'll keep your posts. How do you like the name of it? Have any ideas?

By the way BULERIAS is in charge of all of thse chat threads.
BASTOISE, dont do that. Double psoting is not allowed in the chat thread to prevent from spamming.

I should say that our chat threads may be stricter than NSider's.
Actaully double is ok.

But you should do stuff like this:

Post one: "Hi"
Post two: "anyone here"
Post three: "heeeeeeeeeeelooooooo"
Post four: "I guess I'll be tlaking to my self then."
Post five: "So you like chese"
Post six: "yes I do"

You know something like that, no spamming.
sorry...I'm used to the ones on nsider...you can post just the letter a over and over again. Won't happen again. You can delete them if you want...
BASTOISE99 said:
sorry...I'm used to the ones on nsider...you can post just the letter a over and over again. Won't happen again. You can delete them if you want...
It's ok, we just started the rules.

So whats everyone doing?
It's named after where your houses are, right? Contests are a good idea, I suppose.
So how do you like my new sig at NSider?
Yeah, it is pretty cool, but I have no idea what it is.


See, it has two AC characters, a DS, and a watery background. Andit says Bulerias in fancy letters in the middle.
So I just found out that I haven't turned my computer off for 3 moths, I just put it in standby at night. <_<

I have 3 sigs now. I may get a new one soon, too.



Anyway, does anyone have a digital camera? If so, could you take a picture of your house in AC and post the picture here?