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  • Hello, I just wanted to say that if you see this I am digusted and deeply saddened by my horrid actions towards you. I am so sorry for being rude for no reason and being overly impatient! I promise to be a better person from now on and I just want to apologize towards you for my horrible actions!
    btw, it's still 200 right? and if i still can't transfer it how else would you like me to pay?
    Sorry for the wait, haven't been active due to personal problems.

    Sent the payment for the mayor chibi <3
    You definitely are an up-and-coming designer for ACNL. And I'm only saying that because I saw your thread for the first time and I haven't been in the able-sisters section in god knows how long. I'm going to follow your work. <3
    Hey! I can get you the shaved ice cream (4), the fancy tea set (5), the candelabra(10) and the art stuff.
    It should be 103 TBT. Deal?
    Hey saw you post on my shop lol sorry i missed it i have been so busy lately, but dont worry about the cancellation its fine ^^
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