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Zelda, which was your favorite.


Senior Member
Feb 18, 2005
Hey, you might know the KOH DEMETELOAF. He's a really nice guy. Anyway, here's his Sig. I like it!


well, which one?

oh, i mean the name if you dont get it completely

:p not the game itself, just the name


*choses Legend of Zelda for awsomeness sake*

in other news... this is my first poll.... yay

Don't laugh, but I like the name of Twilight Princess...


*dosn't have any idea why he is laughing*

yeah.... so... cool... uhh, yeah, why would i laugh at that normally... i mean, without being told not to

Wow, that's old.

:p I saw that a long time ago... Now it has the rest, though.

Edit - The Chicken McNuggets is *HEN*, by the way.

LoZ seems popular... They have twice the number of votes of the other two!

OoT kicks butt.

It kicks your butt anyway.

It was just an awesome game. It had many characters that were just cool and a decent story line.

Not to mention you are the hero of time not something like the hero of the winds which seems lamer.

I like the others though that one is just my favorite.
im the only one that voted majoras mask well its a tie for me cuz i like ocarina of time too...
i'm the first...and only...person to vote for oracle of seasons.
dont laugh...its the only zelda game i own...although i did borrow one for snes (with the light/dark worlds) from a friend for like 6 months, but never could beat it.
I liked the Wind Waker the best and then probably Oracle of Ages. Then Ocarina of Time. For some reason I liked Oracles and Win Waker better.