Your tier list of characters in SSBU?


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Jul 31, 2005
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Make and share your tier list of your favorite (and least favorite) characters from Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Not necessarily based on SSBU in-game usage, but how much you like each character in general.

You can make your tier list here:

I play hero most of the time. (dragon quest is my favorite series). I don't have wide thoughts on the cast but I can share some thoughts on him.

I don't agree with the popular notion of him being completely luck based. Blindly mashing spells is a quick way to run out of magic or self destruct. Learning how to manage MP is very important. I have general rules of thumb. I conserve magic at 20% for recovery. I don't like using my full tornado for recovery, only if I absolutely have no choice. I keep a fully charged fireball but I'll rarely use it. It's mostly for intimidation. Costs too much magic unless I'm fully certain it's going to be a useful hit. I use Side B to gauge distance. I think once you face higher ranked players or those who have dedicated more time, you'll see more creativity than blind spell casting.

He crumbles under characters that can apply pressure. Roy, Joker Fox, etc. Those are my favorite matches to play. I'll take frantic paced matches over having to patiently wait for a link player any day.

I don't think he's a great character though. He can be shut down effectively and there isn't much to do when the opponent takes over. It's basically about maximizing damage before hero gets ran through. Oomph, Accelerate, and Psyche Up all become necessary to scope for in order to keep up. He does have good ledge trap options. Tornado is coverage for anything. Magic Burst is destructive. Kaboom travels far off and intercepts certain characters like ganondorf. He can travel fairly far on his own off the stage in an attempt to attack with his sword. He has a fun spike option with his sword too.

I will cycle through other characters sometimes (jigglypuff, mario, bowser), but hero is the only reason I'm really interested in playing. He's fun to me.