Your most recent gaming purchases

I bought Staxel and Summer Pockets on Steam from the current spring sale!
i just bought when the past was around, AI somnium files, and the darkside detective cause of the steam sale 🎉🎉
i don't buy games often, maybe twice a year, but it's always nice to treat myself every once in a while! last time i bought games was during christmastime and i bought the Don't Starve bundle, Planet Coaster, and Super Mario 3D World! I'm a very slow gamer so i haven't finished them yet haha
i recently preordered princess peach showtime and while i was there i picked up a used copy of super princess peach! i've always wanted to play that and i'm super excited to start my playthrough soon!
I picked up Pokémon Legends: Arceus last weekend. I don't have as much time to play as I would like but I'm enjoying it.

I also picked up both Adventure Capitalist and Clicker Heroes for free on PS4 because I clearly didn't sink enough hundreds of hours into these already on PC.
I just picked up Gridroad from steam, it looked like a lot of fun. If any of you have played the game "Freeways" it's similar in style/play but has a lot more customizability and detail to the ways you can manage traffic patterns. 10/10 and it's early access! can't wait to see the full release.
Just bought Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series for the Switch. Looking forward to playing it!
I purchased Planet Coaster. Cue a random and sudden obsession with theme park design. Which will probably last a grand total of two weeks.