Yeah... do you mean will you make your animals angry? I will only if they are mean.
well, one of my characters wanted to meet with me, but they only gave me the choice of from like 9 am to 2 pm...on a school day...so the next time i talked to them they got mad at me for not meeting up with them.
Oh, you mean your emotions? You speak to Dr. Shrunk when he arrives, and he will teach you how to show an emotion. I don't know, but I think the ones that he will teach you is random.

Glad I could help.

LandiG, shut up. Not all of us want to know that you get to goof off all week, since most of us still have school.

So stop bragging.
PKMNMasterSamus said:
Dr. Shrunk? Who is that?
Dr. Shrunk is the naked mole rat thing. He comes to your town and gives you emoticons for your keyboard.