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Why do you like Nintendo?


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Jan 29, 2005
Note: I wrote this before the Rev controller was revealed

Why do I like Nintendo? Heh....where do I start?


*begin history lesson*


I have grown up with Nintendo. I remember alot of Nintendo-related experiences I had as a little kid. I would play Super Mario Bros 3 for the NES almost every day. I was only like 5 years old, but I could beat the entire game. I can't do that so easily now. :lol: I would rush home from school everyday, and go to my room to play video games. I had so many Nintendo things in my room. I had all of my brother's Nintendo Power's, I had posters, cheat books (there was no internet back then, at least I don't think there was

:p ), strategy guides, collectibles, etc... (though, sadly, most of it had to be sold in a garage sale when my family was going through some rough times, I still have some of it). I was probably the biggest Nintendo fan in my elementary school. I always loved playing Duck Hunt, with Nintendo's innovative light gun. Me and my brother would have competitios, like getting the most points with one eye open, getting the most points using one hand...it was great. Though I never got into the Legend of Zelda until the N64 games, I occasionaly played it on my brothers NES (Nintendo Entertainment System for all you young'ns out there

:p XD ). The NES will probably always remain #1 on my list of best video game consoles of all time. Was it because I grew up with it? Partially, but mainly because of all the great games. I haven't met a person in my life who hasn't had fun playing Super Mario Bros, or Duck Hunt. Even my mom would get in on the fun! Thats why I loved the NES - everyone would play it.

Then there was the SNES. This system revolutionized gaming with its detailed graphics and quality sound (well, for its time at least). It also added a bunch of new buttons to the controller, so you could have more options when playing. When my older brother bought the SNES, it came with arguably the best game of all time - Super Mario All Stars. If you haven't played this game, you are missing out. Big time. It has Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2, Super Mario Bros 3, and Super Mario: The Lost Worlds, which was a Japan-Only game. Not only did it have all those games on it, but the graphical and sound features of the games were all improved. Basically, they re-made all 4 games. (though they would make another version with Super Mario World in it as well)

Fast-Forward to the N64 days.

The Nintendo 64. A truly amazing system. Nintendo continued it's trend of revolutionizing gaming by doing something never before achived in a game system before - adding 3D. You could also include actual songs in the games, unlike with the SNES the music would sound strange. Though, I have to admit I didn't like the controller. 3 handles? We only have 2 hands, Nintendo

:p . Anyway, the controller was revolutionary as well. It included an analog stick, which made the games MUCH more fun. Nintendo also patented the idea of a Rumble add-on, which was later copied by Sony for their newly released Playstation. With the N64 came an awesome fully 3D platformer - Super Mario 64. It was the first million-seller game for the N64, and it's obvious why. The gameplay was fun, unique, and spinning bowser around and throwing him was awesome

:p . The N64 also had a game with it. This is arguably the greatest game ever made. It recieved the GAME OF THE CENTURY award. Can you guess what it is? It's The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I can't even begin to explain how awesome this game is, so I will leave it up to you to try it (if you haven't already). Anyway, though the Nintendo 64 used out-of-date cartridges, the Nintendo 64 did fairly well, even though it sold less than the Playstation. It has 3 games which are on the top 10 games of all time: Super Mario 64, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and Goldeneye 64. 3 godly games for an awesome system. If you haven't already noticed, the Nintendo 64 is my favorite game console.

Then came the GameCube. With probably the best controller ever made, it is a great system. But it had a horrible image. Though sadly it looked very "childish" to the casual gaming community. It had a purple launch color, with a handle on the back, thus people started calling it "my little sisters lunchbox". It didn't have a very sleek or compact design, had very little online support, and used out-of-date mini-discs. It also had no DVD or CD multimedia playback. All of these factors alienated developers from chosing the GameCube over the PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Xbox. However, the GameCube still had it's fair share of great games. Games such as Super Smash Brothers Melee, which is probably the greatest fighting game ever made. Animal Crossing, which was a very fun Sim-like game, but with Nintendo elements. Metroid Prime, which changed what Metroid looked like, and yet also appealed to both Hardcore and Casual Gamers. I can go on with the list, but I think you get the point.


Now, the day of the Revolution is upon us. It is the coolest looking gaming system I have ever seen. With a sleek design, blue LED light, DVD playback, Wireless Controllers, wireless online support, and now using normal disc sizes, it is everything the GameCube was not. It has the abilty to download any game from the NES, SNES, and N64, given the 3rd party's allow them. It has flash memory in it, which can partially replace memory cards. It is a wi-fi hotspot - meaning if you own one, you have insant online access for your Nintendo DS. Metroid Prime 3, Super Smash Bros 3, and Super Mario 128 are all launch titles. Drooling yet?

:p Well, I haven't even gotten to the best part. It has a Revolutionalry controller. Every person who has seen it is absolutely amazed by it. Every 3rd party company is supporting Nintendo. They have no doubts in there mind that the Rev will fail, and neither should you.

;) Long Live The Revolution.

*end history lesson*

So, why do I like Nintendo? Is is their revolutionary consoles, great games, or is it simply the fact that I have grown up with them? Actually, its all of the above. Nintendo has provided me with thousands of hours of entertainment, and I believe they will continue doing so as long as I am a gamer, in both the console and handheld areas.
Whoa, that's long... ish.

:D Great job on it, I remember playing SMW and SMB3 when I was little, like 3.

:p My sister would make me play both of them, even though I thoguht you had to take the little stuff out of the bottom of it, the little whatever-they-are thingies that attach to the SNES.

:p I wasn't very smart.... Anyways, my whole family played video games, up until the GCN era, at that time, they were all in college. >__> I do remember hearing stories about playing Atari, too. I still have some old cassettes for the Atari, like Pitfall. One of my favorite times was playing Banjo-Kazooie with two of my siblings and I trying to see who could finish it first. I won, of course, because I was only in like 1st grade at the time, they were in high school.

:p It sounds weird to hear remember my sister and I discussing it.... Oh, we did the same thing with SM64 as well. I won that one, barely. :ph43r: I, unfortunately, didn't discover LoZ until I had a GCN and an N64, my cousing sold it to me, and I'm glad he did, that game introduced me to the wonder of Zelda. Anyways, my sister's boyfriend, or fiance or whatever liked video games a bit, so maybe I'll play Rev with him when he's my brother? I dunno. :\ I play by myself and with my friends a lot, though.
My first Nintendo system was a GBC and first game was Pokemon Red.
I have gone on since then and love the games by Nntendo because of thei4r quality, hardly any,if any glitches, beautiful sceneries, and normally excelent controls. The only thing it lacks is a more original story now and I think they will make one soon enough.

The hardwhere is just as good quality, my PS2 has frozen 20 times more than my gamecube and I have only had the PS2 for a year the Gamecube since release.
Well, I can explain how I started playing videogames -

First, I saw the commericial for the N64 when I was about 4. I pleaded to my mother so that I could get it, and I got it on Christmas I believe. I had NO idea who Mario was, what Zelda was, and what videogames were, I think. I got Mario with the system, and I loved it. Then, I bought many games, including Ocarina of Time by CHANCE. If I hadn't bought them, I wouldn't be a gamer, and I wouldn't be here!

Then, I got a Gamecube, after some coaxing (<___________<) and I got Luigi's Mansion with it. I didn't really like it, because it was too short. I bought some other games, so yeah... Animal Crossing is one of my top twos, I think.


Finally, my newest system is the Nintendo DS. I got it on the release date as soon as my store opened, and I got Mario 64 DS with it. I love my DS.


But anyway, I like Nintendo because they deliver wonderful games, and are very innovative. If I was an Xbox fanboy, I'd be playing the same games (basically) all over again with the Xbox 360, but I'm a Nintendo fanboy, so I'm going to get the Revolution, which will definetely revolutionize gaming as we know it.

I love Nintendo because of their franchises as well. Nintendo wouldn't be as good without Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, Mario, Zelda, and TONS and TONS more. Almost every game that Nintendo made is incredible, so you could say that I like Nintendo because of their quality of videogames, and high standards.
a looooong time ago i had a nes (accutally i still do) its fun

:D but my snes is gone...i first rented OoT. I liked it so much i rented it again right after it was due. i almost beat it

:p then i borrowed master quest late for a week beat the origanal then started master quest (never finished it

:( ) and i still have my N64

oh and i forgot, i have 2 N64s



one at my grandparents (who got it for me ) one at my house
When i first got it i had mario 64 and yoshie's story. i though the first lvl of mario was hard :lol: and i beat yoshie sorta quick. I think my 4th favorite game on N64 is banjo tooie 3nd-super mario 64 2nd-majora's mask 1st-ocarina of time

Well i just got it for Christmas when i was 4 i got Diddy Kong racing and yoshies story with it and then i saw a NP and got it saw all the cool stuff and have loved nintendo ever since adn have never owned a Gaming system that want made by nintendo but i will actually might be getting a PSP or Xbox 360.
Well, when i was 5 i got nes. For my 6th birthday i got gb. Ever since, i have only had nintendo systems, and theyve all been great.